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  1. PCP wants to start me on it. What do you think ? Worth a try ?
  2. Thank you so much I am a little nervous about this scenerio
  3. Dr blitzhyn seems to think I might have mito disease I was jus wondering if anyone knew the specific blood test To check for mito ? Besides the.muscle biopsy ?
  4. If you were able to go to one of the top specialist associated with POTS what would you ask ?
  5. any ever have normal bp hr and still feel very lightheaded and almost off balance while walking or standing ? almost swaying ?
  6. Can a MRI test detect early Alzheimer's?
  7. any 1 have any clue what the withdrawal symptoms are on midodrine and doxazosin ???? i was taken off doxa 2 weeks ago and midodrine this week
  8. thank you so much i have many Alzheimer's symptoms =/
  9. Can pots cause Alzheimer's type symptoms ???? I am really scared I might have it...
  10. A lot of people with pots ....do they wind up having g mito disease or is it rare ?
  11. Oh OK Is it rare ? And does any 1 know the main symptoms?
  12. Mitochondrial disease any clue how to rule this out ? can stress echo rule this out ? or are there other tests ?
  13. How many of you have never found the cause of there POTS ? And how long has it been ? For me 5 months no 1 can tell me what happened :/ I know people have been going on longer much longer
  14. Well then I hope its not pheo :/ Really dunno what to do These attacks are horrible
  15. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/pheochromocytoma/DS00569/DSECTION=treatments-and-drugs
  16. really appreciate all the info and help on here but doctors are not sure whats going on =/ they are gonna look into pheo but i am not so sure my self just know the feeling is awful thanks for all the support
  17. So last night i had to call the ambulance again.... hr went to 170 when i took my bp it was 170 over 105 with a 135 heart rate my body was shaking like i was freezing cold calmed down after about 30 minutes to an hour i am not really sure what to do during these episodes as they are fairly new to me i had 1 a week for the passed 3 weeks i feel awful the next day as well.... and when it happens it feels like doom ...i know it sounds silly but its the worse feeling in the world can any 1 help me with this ? has any 1 ever had this happen 2 them ? and if so how do you cope with it ? doctors are l
  18. Silly question but I have to draw blood tomorrow for a lot of tests the doctor ordered. I have a 24 hour urine test and tomorrow as well will the drawing of the blood effect the urine test Cortisol and catacholomines urine
  19. Has any 1 ever had a stress echo done ? And if so did it reveal much ?
  20. thank you very much. i will try the test out on some 1 without POTS
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