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  1. I know that Ehlers-Danlos often leads to Osteopenia. That's been long documented. As for ammonia toxicity, this is the first I've heard of it. Looking through pubmed, there is ONE article that links kidney function and Ehlers-Danlos. It was published in 1967 and I can't get the abstract. Based on the title, urine seems to be more acidic. ( Ehlers-Danlos syndrome with renal tubular acidosis and medullary sponge kidneys. A report of a case and studies of renal acidification in other patients with the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Levine AS, Michael AF Jr.) so I guess a link is possible. Perhaps
  2. For those with issues with a lot of different drugs- have you looked into the inactive ingredients in these drugs? You might be able to handle the drug itself, but the other ingredients might be what are giving you trouble. I say this because I have issues with aspartame. I didn't realize how often this was added to medications. (I can't swallow pills, so I buy over the counter children's chewable pills if I can.) See if there is a component of these medications that might be what is causing your reactions. Sara
  3. Ana_22- I'm not offended at all, just trying to clarify things for you. This is a touchy subject for a lot of people because we were diagnosed as "crazy" even though there was something physical going on, simply because the doctor didn't have the knowledge to look for something out of the ordinary that might be causing our symptoms. I truly wonder how many people out there are being treated for panic attacks when they really have dysautonomia. (Ex- A friend of mine gets "panic attacks" that go away when he lies down; he was being treated with Benzo's not Florinef and surprisingly the attacks
  4. I think that POTS and Panic Disorder are related, but in a slightly different way then I think you are implying. When one has a panic attack (without an underlying condition) the sympathetic nervous system (AKA the autonomic nervous system) is activated by the brain. In POTS, the sympathetic nervous system is overactive because of various physical signals. When the body thinks there isn't enough blood circulating, it forces the heart to beat faster. This is a survival mechanism. Before I knew I had POTS or EDS, I always had 'panic attacks'. I would suddenly get 'stressed' - my heart would
  5. Wondering if this is because when you're putting the color in, your hands are above your head? That can cause a POTS attack for me. Makes washing my hair quite difficult. I've never had a problem with hair color, but I tend to only use the semi-permanent stuff and I get someone else to apply it. Perhaps the permanent hair color is too strong for us? My mom (who doesn't have POTS) has a reaction to permanent hair coloring... Sara
  6. Adding my two cents in here. I had very severe depression for years and it was gone within 3 hours of my first chiro adjustment. It was my Atlas and Axis that were out of alignment, almost an inch off. Whenever I feel the irritability/ depression coming back, I go to the chiro and it goes away, usually immediately or within the hour. Takes me about 2 days to get back to my norm. As for POTS, chiro did nothing for it, but I can better deal with it now. I think Chiro didn't work because it's an Ehlers Danlos issue that causes my POTS and no amount of adjustments can make up for faulty coll
  7. Tessa- I think that Flop has given you a plethora of information. Thanks! I too, have low aldosterone levels. They've crept up in recent years as I'm learning how to manage the disease but for a while mine were 2, with a normal range of 5-50. I know the tests all have different ranges and I don't know exactly what was tested, but now they are 9, which I've been told is much better. Also, aldosterone levels are lowest when laying down and highest when standing, so if the test was taken lying down that may be why the level is low. I know for my aldosterone tests they had me stand for two ho
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