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  1. I totally agree with everything you've said. My social life is practically zero because being among people exhaust me and I feel extra confused.. In addition, people don't understand that and I feel even more worse..
  2. S-pot, yes I guess that is what it is.. I'm just thinking about how to say it to my GP in a way that he won't misunderstand me (I'm not trying to do his work) Couldn't they figure a bit more pronounceable name? Chr what..? Thank you all, I feel much better now :wub:
  3. Reen, Thank you for the link! It does sound like it.. benign(?) and excruciating.. Just in my case analgesics don't help.. Did you find something that helps you?
  4. It's really depressing I tried to talk about that pain with few doctors but they say it's nothing and DON'T EVEN WRITE IT in their reports. My GP said "I don't know what's wrong" and then didn't even bother to send me to neurologist or pulmologist or someone whatever. I don't know to whom am I supposed to tell about that d**n pain any more, since my GP is looking at me as I'm crazy On another side, I can THANK YOU ALL because now I know that it's not just my mind playing tricks with me, that pain really exists.. Sometimes it's combined with fever (nothing too high), and it really bothers me
  5. then why does it hurt on the right side? My "pain spot" isn't in the level of heart, it's higher.. weird..
  6. From time to time I get right side chest pain. It's dull and deep, but in some short periods it gets to be stabbing and sharp. It's always on the same spot. GP says it's just a strained muscle (?!) and neuro won't even talk about it. Chest x-ray showed nothing. Could it be neuropathic pain? Any of you have some similar experiences?
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