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  1. We have heavy history of both Sjogrens and POTS in our family. I believe there is a definite autoimmune connection with the POTS and many others like yourself.
  2. There clearly is a seeming genetic component for more than a few. My kids have both had severe POTS. My niece also clearly has dysautonomia. My Mom has had mild OI intermittently over the years as well as myself. I had an episode several years ago before the kid's severe POTS issues became apparent. My heart was racing any time I was upright and I became concerned about what the problem was. Fortunately I had no other significant symptoms. Dr waved it off to stress and gave me Xanax, which did nothing. Same dr waved my daughter off to depression when she was completely debilitated with no
  3. I have noticed that BP does not always correspond to what you experience physically. One thing interesting I have noticed with my son when I've occationally tried to get a bit of data is that he will drop to the floor (not loss of consciousness, just complete exhaustion and weakness) and will be very clearly completely exhausted and wiped out (from standing, for example). If I take his blood pressure immediately, it will be on the lower side for him but not significantly so at all. If I take the BP at a couple of intervals after that (two or three minutes between each), it will drop more signi
  4. Like with everything, it depends on the individual. My daughter has tried magnesium at at least a couple of points in time with her POTS journey and has found that taking magnesium directly correlates to weakness in her legs. In doing some reading we learned that magnesium causes dilation of the blood vessels. Thus it makes sense that it can have a negative effect when pooling is an issue with POTS.
  5. PotsMom,

    I wondered how your son is doing? I am also wondering if can explain better than mine why he can't do school work. I know with my son, he explains even though he wants to he feels like his body won't let him. I read where you are not having a lot of success with school for him either. I am wondering what else I can do. I am extremely worried about his future. Hope

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