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  1. another strange thing id like to add too this pretty much all my pain is on one side. I get back pain burning type pain as if acid reflux or something on the back left side of my chest, soemtimes chest pain on left side, also sometimes abdominal pain on left side, like i feel my digestion make sounds on my left side too. Anyone else like this? Except my throat pain is usually both sides.
  2. ALWAYS, never changes place, just intensity. Left side, back of skull, up and over the ear to behind the eye and deep inside the ear. I think it is the trimengial nerve or the occipital nerve or both. lol thats funny we have it in the same spot! Does your ear ever feel wierd on the inside? Like clogged or something?
  3. Does anyone else have this correlation where your headaches always seem to develop in the same spot? It doesn't seem like it is always the same reason for the headaches but they always develope on the back left side of my head and sometimes the left side over my ear.
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