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  1. coming from a fellow musician that is awesome, good job! EDIT: This guy hasn't logged on in 4 years lol.
  2. just over a year i have been feeling pretty bad. I have had all the tests i can think of really. Im gonna try licorice root soon and hope that helps me.
  3. i really hope what i am going through is progress. It can be called that in some ways but other ways not. Its like i am better from the prior symptoms i had, but i have new one now. really *****. Im trying to put humor into it and look at the positive but it is hard too without and real signs of improvement im going on 14 months now.
  4. I feel this way lately worse and worse. I probably leave my house maybe once a week on a short errand maybe. I read about some people hiking or going swimming etc i feel like i would probably collapse if i did any of those things. Just walking around my house i feel like im going to collapse its bothersome. I probably sit/lay 98% of the day. Does anyone else have this problem, have been able to become more active after trying more? I just feel aweful and fear it is something even worse than dysautonomia which is hard to believe there is worse things sometimes .
  5. I have some similar oddities that you do i think -I do get eye pain pressure -Headaches, and more pressure when bending over forward sometimes, The pressure is often unilateral and effects my face and ear on the same side. -Burning back pain, i think COULD be acid reflux MAYBE -I am super easily startled and am sensitive to sounds and light sometimes -I often feel worse morning and late night, i get straight "tight" feeling headaches, or a spaceness as if my blood left my head or something. -Sometiems i feel frozen or something, i feel like im not there and im stiff feeling -I also feel wierd pre-pain feelings, like im going to feel pain in my head or something but it doesnt quite get there. -I have alot of diesgestive issues, i feel really bad after eating sometimes like i cant stay awake -Sometimes a calf, or a forearm will feel stiff - I feel the urge to pop my jaw or ears alot, strange but i dont know - i have alot of strange anxiety too but it doesnt feel like anxiety it just hits me randomly. - I also feel i cant breath alot or there is pressure on my body, usually this accompanied by alot of unexplained phlegm. -With digestive issues i get bad spasms in my head like a feeling of a implosion. It seems related to digestion when im burning or something but im not positive, this is probably one of the weirdest.
  6. If so how long have you been on it? What improvements have you noticed? Is your immune system any weaker while taking it?
  7. I haven't experienced this or the test but if the tech said your rythem was ok maybe it is your nervous system being over sensitive to the feelings of your own heart beat.
  8. I hate feeling selfish that i always need someone to be at the house with me when i feel sick. My parents let me live with them since im only 22 and really sick with pots. I woke up this afternoon yes i slept late lol at 3pm. Nobody was here nobody said where they were and i felt particularly crappy. I've just been having pelvic pain, back pain, bladder pain, body pain, feels like breathing problems and brain fog. So i got up and 3 hours later still feel awful havent heard from anyone home alone. So i call my dad and he acts like why am i calling him, i just said do i need to make dinner when are you guys coming home, and he just said you probably will have too. And i just said alright talk to you later then he said bye and hung up. SO i call my girlfriend whos on lunch so i can talk to someone, and she just says me "i don't know what to tell you" and i hope you feel better. I feel like im a big inconvenience to everyone and i just feel terrible physically and mentally about it, does anyone else feel this way?
  9. I thought this would be a interesting share with everyone here. I have been for the last few days studying meditation and the "mind" and the relationship with the body and illness. Now i haven't been dedicated to meditation or positive thought to be honest so i cant really speak on it just yet. After reading many neuroscience articles and videos in comparison to meditation there is some great findings. The brain is actually "Plastic", and the physical structure of your brain can be changed though the mind and other phenomena. Its called Neuroplasticity. So for those of us that feel we are stuck a way forever, it is possible for our brain to change and to fix what problems we may have. Here is a interesting video on Neuroplasticity. I am going to definitely try to incorporate longer dedicated meditation and compassionate thinking to see if it helps. It may not cure you but there is evidence that it could change you for the better but i think it will require lots of dedication. I had some other good videos on it also but they are on my pc and too large to upload to youtube. But there was a woman who spoke neuroplasticity and meditation and so fourth could be beneficial for treatment of MS and other nerve diseases. Another video of mine showed physical findings of monks, so obviously ones dedicated to meditation and the mind had some remarkable abilities, they had more "grey matter" in their brain than regular people, they also could control their body temperature to the point of making wet towels steam in 60 degree temperature. So do not discount the power of your own thought and mind! I dont know if anyone will find this information useful but i thought it was fascinating and a possible subject for treatment.
  10. This may sound wierd but i am curious if anyone else gets this? I get it in my eye, and random spots in my body. For example this morning my arm was visibly twitching for about 5-10 minutes. I could see it actually jumping up little bits but then it stopped adventaully. Sometimes i also feel it in my calves, or random spot on my back etc? Also my left arm has been feeling a bit stiff lately. My dr just referred me to a neurologist and i just hope it is not some kind of degenerative disease like ALS or MS.
  11. im trying to get this too, my first applciation was denied because i was too ill to finish the paperwork, im reappealing it right now but the **** woman wont call me back lol.
  12. Last couple of days i get this feeling of flushing as far as like adrenaline or panicky feeling and i feel problems with one side of my head /face. For example today i felt it while making my dinner, although i felt so so today kind of good in some spots of the day. What happened was the right side of my head felt a bit funny, and my throat started hurting on the right side. Basically on my neck right under my chin on the side of my throat. So i sat down to eat because i felt scared a bit from the doom sensation. I started eating and immediately a piece of food got stuck in the part of my throat that hurt like ti wouldn't swallow it. I moved it with my hand went down fine, i seemed to eat the rest of my food OK but my throat still hurts there. Anyone know why this would happen? it *****.
  13. I seemed to have noticed after eating a decent sized meal especially or sometimes just from standing and doing alot i get tingling headaches, my eye feels stiff and my ear usually on the affected side and i feel disoriented and foggy. I also get real tired and feel terrible. Does anyone else get this particularly after eating or sometimes after doing stuff standing up etc?
  14. I have noticed the last week or so on and off i get these wierd headaches, im not sure what starts them but they seem more apparent after eating, and after activity. Its been on the right side of my head lately, its usually most noticble as eye discomfort and also ear discomfort. For example it feels my right eyes vision is dimmed but it reallly isn't and my ear feels like its getting muffled occasionally. The pain is usaully on the side and the back side of my head and is moderate/mild and feels very hot a flush. Feels like alot of pressure on my eye. Does anyone else get headaches like this, any ideas? I also have noticed occasionally a wet feeling in my ear as if ther eis water coming out of my era or something... Another strange thing about this i just posted a thread awhile ago about how every headache i had was on the left side, now its flopped sides! It seems with more eye and ear pain on this side. SO with that i can probably be safe its not a leaking aneurysm or a brain tumor i would hope!
  15. i get pulsing feeling from time to time can be anywhere in my head really.
  16. i havent mentioned it to him yet. THe doctor thats doing my pots treatment is a cardio so i can never get ahold of him via phone call like a regular doctor, my regular doctor is not as knowledable about pots or dysautonomia though. I might make another appoointment with my cardio to discuss other options but he is expensive.
  17. My dr gave me florinef and insisted i try it. He also gave me mitrodrine and said i could try that if i wanted too. But at this point im probably going to do neither. I have a strong fear if you will, of medication because i always get bad side effects and i feel something of a bit abnormal to take it. I usually read up on all the rare side effects and immediately get turned off on the idea. It sounds like alot of people here take no medications right? Am i crazy for not wanting to do this?
  18. I am 22 year male here is a list of my symptoms. Also as far as postural hyperstension my docter did say i had it origianlly but since take my own blood pressure i havent noticed it. lately my symptoms have been as of last couple weeks. -Headache -Spasms(head and digestion sometimes) -Burping alot after eating sometimes -Muscle stiffness in my right hand /forearm for last week this really pisses me off. Feels like i am the tin man and i need some oil too loosen it up or something. -Heart rate usually goes up about 30bpm on standing then settles down a bit -Often very sore throat, difficulty drinking liquids sometimes, trouble breathing feels like -Sometimes poor balance when walking around, atleast i feel like i stagger sometimes, although when i try to concentrate on my balance its perfect? -Feels to be post nasal drip (I am not certain of this) -Strong fatigue after large meals, sometimes increased symptoms over all -I dont know if i have blood pooling, i dont notice any change in color on my limbs. -Urinary frequency(this has been a issue that happend to me over 2 years prior but i feel it is related), sometimes pain with sex, i was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis but i believe it be a nerve issue because they're was never real evidence for a enlarged prostate. -Anxiety attacks occasionally, usually brought on by new or intensified symptoms - i also seem to get sick easy Thats all i can think of for recent and active symptoms... Symptoms i have had, that i have less now. Chest pain, Noticeable Tachycardia, Brain Fog(i still have this but less lately think) EDIT: Forgot to mention how this came to be. Well like i said 3 years ago i had a infection that gave my bladder a wierd reaction i still have today that i believe to be Auto-immune nerve problem. When i full blown "POTS" i was weight training for a year prior hardcore and i just started settlign down on it, i took a break for a week or so. It happend the day after 4th of july which followed a decent amount of drinking energy drinks and alcohol. I also believe i picked up a virus from my girlfriend, next day i was in the hospital and they released me 3 days later with "gastritis" which had no evidence for it hah. But it did make sense i had a virus i was in there with a 130bpm heart rate resting for 3 days! Anyways i have a feeling my POTS is related to a autoimmune function. Even my docter said he thinks it could be caused by some confused antibodies attacking the receptors of the nervous system. Also when he diagnosed me with dysautonomia he siad he "thinks" i have it. As confident as that sounds the closest thing to diagnosis i have gotten.
  19. well its strange these spasms feel like a burp or something coming up and my digestive system kind of spasms a bit but i feel it spasm the right side of my head too it hurts! lol, then it feels liek a tick a few times like a pulse almost then its gone. But it seems to awlays follow some kind of digestion spasm.
  20. Does anyone get these? I think i have them, i feel a spasm in my neck and goes up to my head, real painful in the head especially! I think its given me a headache. After this spasm happens it feels like my head wants to explode and i feel kind of a lingering pulse a few seconds after. Im pretty sure its related to my esophagus though because it usually starts there as a spasm or burp or something.
  21. as far as my workout routine so far i have been doing just sitting exercises with 25lb dumbells, Bicep curls, tricep extensions, bench press(laying down of course), Rows pulling the dumbell up to your chest leaning over. These work all your major upper body while laying or sitting. I basically keep it light doing 1 exercise a day or every other day, for example 4 sets of bicep curls on each arm for 8 repetitions each with 2-3 min breaks in between or so.
  22. i hate throat problem the most too! It seems to be worse with liquid doesn't it? Does your throat feel irritated inside too like itchy and have mucuos? I also have sore spots to the touch sometimes on the outside if pressure is applied. Lately last few days it has accompanied the coughing almost feels as if it went into my windpipe!
  23. lol i feel your pain. Its a strain on everybody but its definitely worse on those who have the condition in my opinion.
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