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  1. Does anyone here take flax seed oil? I started the other day taking 1tablespoon a day straight it seems to improve my mood and concentration a bit.. 1 tablespoon on my bottle is 500% of omega 3. Im thinking of taking 2-3 a day. When i used to bodybuild i took anyhwere up to 5 tablespoons a day and i was in my best health then. (not to mention best skin and 120 calories per tablespoon)
  2. I am never thirsty anymore, i have LPR acid reflux of the throat and its always tense and painful, i gtet hungry occasionally, but i am never thirsty? What can i do, i am always dehydrated because i never thirst , i probably drink 2-3 glasses of water a day!
  3. The prior morning i also helped my dad move model airplanes(radio controlled ones) that weighed 50 or so lbs. I moved a few with him then had to stop because i was worried about chest pain, its scarey and makes me feel like i cannot do anything.
  4. yeah i can agree with you there, my mom has always been not the best to talk to about things. She has a way to discourage me, even before i got ill whenever i told her what i wanted to major in in school she would say thats too hard or you can't do that. I think im just gonna stop telling people what im trying to do to get better.
  5. im gonna go back tommorow and buy her locket necklace i think.
  6. I can't seem to control myself anymore, i think its the inability to control stress anymore. I don't know what to do. Here is what happened to me today.. My mother was taking me to the mall to help pick out my girlfriend a gift. The thought of going to the mall started stressing me out instantly. I am super self conscious since i look creepy in my mind being 5'10 120lb 22 year old male and just feeling awful about myself. I start talking to my mom in the car about gaining weight, i told her i was going to eat half a loaf of bread throughout the day. She said to me last time you ate to much you got sick you can't eat that much bread its crazy. I told her i wanted to try again because i don't have many options, but she kept saying i was crazy, this made me even more stressed out. My hope to gain weight from bread was squelched and i felt even worse. A migraine was starting to set in, my chest started hurting worse. And my ability to focus on driving was somewhat impaired. As i was driving to the mall i was telling my mother how i hated going to the mall and basically venting to her about how terrible i felt. Eventually i got so upset at her that i blew up and said i was going to take her home and do it on my own. So she said how i was crazy and why can't i just get over it or control myself, how i can't do this for my girlfriend, how i don't care about anyone and i'm selfish. While arguing with her it felt like i was going to have a heart-attack the chest pain got so bad, so i had to stop talking all together. The truth is my "positive" feelings of love and things are pretty much hard to relate too, i don't feel these positive emotions very much, or any emotion other than something depressing or physically painful. My hopes are very easily crushed by outside factors such as other people or my physical inabilities. What i don't understand is why people think i can control these feelings, as if i want to be miserable all my life. Can anyone relate, what can i do? i hate feeling sorry for myself it all just compounds and makes me hate myself.
  7. it is definently difficult. I really have to agree about it changing you. It has made me doubt all things, and depressed me but i decided just to believe in what makes me happy. Im gonna try to restore what is normal again, but i figure ill either get it or fail, if the worst thing i can do is fail well thats where i am already lol.
  8. strangely enough i can relate to what you are saying about control etc..... i feel like my life has been limited, yet at the same time i feel like i have so my pride in myself that i cannot accept it. But the question is will i be able to over come it from the sense or pride or will it just fail.
  9. Does anyone use bath salts, can the sodium be obsorbed from bath salts? I think i read somewhere it could be...
  10. This whole ordeal has been devastating for me and debilitating. Before i got sick i was a weight trainer, i was about 170lbs and fairly fit, now i am 121lbs and underweight. I feel disabled and full of fear and anxiety and depression i never quite had before. I want nothing to return to being the fit person i used to be, someone who has a feeling of power and control over their own life. If anyone can give me advice on staying positive through this ordeal i would appreciate it. I am trying to recover that old me but it is not very effective so far, it just seems endlessly difficult.
  11. Thank you for the poor man TTT suggestion. I will try asking my cardiologist to try this, i did not get alot of time to understand what he was saying. But he said my heart was fine and dysautonomia seems plausible. I think for how many things are wrong with me, it makes me sense to be systematic.
  12. Well im hoping some other members can shed some light with me, i have had for the last 2 years ongoing random health problems. My cardiologist suggests i have dysautonomia based on my symptoms. I recently lost 40lbs do to sickness and am a 5'9 125lb male(gah). Here are my symptoms if anyone can relate; 1. GI problems, LPR/GERD 2. Urinary pain/frequency 3. Lower side of blood pressure 4. Random Trachycardia, very noticeable when going from standing to lay or vice versa too quickyl(doesn't always happen but it does frequently) 5. Chest pain on the left side that comes and goes for periods of time 6. Headaches 7. EXTREME fatigue at times 8. Difficulty keeping a sleep schedule 9. Weakness 10. Occasional problems exercising / difficulty gaining weight 11. Shortness of breath. Now i have had several CT's, Treadmill test, EKG dr said heart is perfectly fine. So he suspects Dysautonomia, but i cannot afford a tilt table test at the moment. Can anyone relate or give me some advice? Thank you
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