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  1. I get headahces after eating, after exercise, or after a strong exertion, after waking up sometimes. Does anyone get headaches constantly like this? I also have been coughing a bit lately after eating.
  2. Im sorry things are going bad for you. Venting also works good so no worries doing it. Just remember positive thinking has remarkable benefits.
  3. well i did have a anaphylactic reaction one supposedly to a bug bite i almost died for real. But since then 5 years ago never had a serious reaction to allergies yet. I carry a epi pen with me just in case. But i do have a fear of it so whenever i get a bug bite i usually throw back 2 benadryls of some quercetin and put cortisone cream on it right away,.
  4. You got me beat i have had 4 My test totals 4 CTS 1 colonoscopy 1 Endoscope 1 Scope up the nose 10 EKGS approx 24 Heart Monitor 2 X rays Countless Blood Tests thats alll i can think of right now. All within 1 year.
  5. I belong to bodybuilding.com and i started a thread about dysautonomia check it out, it is entertaining/interesting. Includes a photo of me! to =P http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=117487291
  6. I think it would be a good idea to start a thread where everyone posts what works / has worked for them from herbs/medication/exercise and so on. Then we could possibly sticky this so everyone knew here or even old here can easily find options that have worked for others. The only thing so far i have noticed to possibly help me has been sodium and water. I have been drinking 2 bouillon cubs in 16 oz of water to deliver almost 2g of sodium at once seems to help a bit maybe.
  7. How do you know if its sinus drainage ? my nasal is usually always clear so im not sure whats causing it. It dose feel like have some gunk in my throat though , and it feel very irritated.
  8. that is great i think i will! i doubt the vit b gave me palpitations since it treats it, it was probably the food. My multi has a decent amount of VIT b but no where near the B-50 i got to try here.
  9. I was thinking about takign a B-complex because i have heard vit b may help.... I tried it once and i think ti caused my heart to race but it could of been what i ate so i might try it again. Has VIT b supplements helped anyone here? I have a B-50 Complex i ordered.
  10. yeah i went to a ent awhile ago and had a endoscope and stuff but that was awhile ago. But mr dr looked at my throat few days ago and said looked ok. IT seems like its related to my pots that i have hard time swallowing and throat pain
  11. haha it was strange at first right after i felt good, i definently got a pump. my veins in my arms were bulging. But after about a hour later my throat was giving me trouble.
  12. i got lucky today i could do some exercise. I did some arm workouts with 25lb dumb bells and i didnt die! lol i got lucky i guess.
  13. This might be interesting to some of us, this is a diagram i found online for the treatment of pots. http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/vol118...large/1FF1.jpeg
  14. My throat pains keep agitating me lately, and seem to be more severe at times. its like a real harsh pain on my throat itself, sometimes it feels like a pressure on the inside of my throat. It really hurts and is driving me crazy. feels very inflamed and lots of mucous etc. Does any else experience this kind of throat issues almost daily? How u found any relief with anything, meds or remedies? This throat problem is one of my worst.
  15. Thats a good point i think i did knee a bit today. didnt even think about that! But it def seems like i get bruises easier on my knees i dont know if thats knew or not lately, i also looked into the EDS stuff but doesnt sound like i have that really.
  16. I seem to have noticed i get random bruising on my knees, redish in color. Is this a sign of blood pooling or is it something else?
  17. Thanks for all the replies guys. DO you guys ever get a stiff neck? Like throat muscles or something that feel tight or stiff? I hate it, i just woke up and my nkeci s all stiff.
  18. Lately things just keep getting wierder and wierder. I went to my dr and saw the physicians assitant and she looked me over because i reported tingling headaches last couple days. She said i wasn't in any real danger at the time after neurological exam and said no reason to believe i was having a stroke. She then suggested i get blood work done so i am going to do that tommorow. The headaches seemed to correlate after eating most the time. Later in the day they usually went away and i was ok again. So today bam, after eating lucnh the wierd headache comes back. So i put a bandanna on my head, because the pressure really makes it feel alot better, weird right? Anyways i start feeling better after putting it on and out no where my face feels like it has a rash coming on. So i get up look at the mirror only to see my face looks fine?? So i sit back down and right now my face is burning and stinging as if it has a rash or a sunburn with jaw stiffness and i feel difficulty breathing with lots of gas etc. I am so confused and upset and depressed i don't know what to do anymore! None of this stuff even makes sense! Sorry to rant but i just need to get it off my chest and feel better. I really don't know where to turn anymore.
  19. no one has experienced any facial head eye tingling like this ?
  20. Anyone ever noticed tingling in the face or head after eating sometimes, also when this happens my eye feels kind of wierd too? Or back pain behind the chest from pots?
  21. awesome i will try to aim for that much salt! i wasn't sure what to aim for previously.
  22. It ***** how things can strangely go terrible quickly. Do you take salt? im tryign to figure out how much to take. I usually eat a burger everyday from mcdonalds because i am very underweight, that has a about a gram of sodium.
  23. Today i got destroyed pretty much. I woke up and walking to the kitchen i had chest pain like someone punched me in the sternum. It kept getting worse til i had shortness of breath so i had to sit. After eating breakfeast i was gone and i was ok again. Later in the day i had a snack after lunch and noticed my whole face felt HOT. Then the left side of my head felt pressure and my eye hurt and my neck was super stiff. It still feels that way with some chest and abdominal pain. No idea why, only thing different about today was before i slept a extended period of 12 hours trying to fix my sleep/awake schedule back to normal. I think i am going ot try getting more salt and water, how much salt do you guys recommend? I really need to do something to help myself feel better.
  24. Anyone noticed anything like a redish scar / or bruise that comes and goes? Its strange i have a bruise on my knee that might actually be a scar, but sometimes its not very noticable and other times its redder and more intense looking. Its kind of strange.
  25. An example of what i mean is, say you get a headache, and you start thinking well what if i have a brain aneurysm or a brain tumor or whatever? Since i never had a MRI i start thinking how could i possible know? Then of course everything you read online about disorders like a brain aneurysm for example is very broad and doesn't really ease anything. I seem to find myself with a dysautonomia dx that i feel paranoid about everything! Sometimes i don't know when to chill or or when to be serious about myself.
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