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Mental Health Exam Today


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Well today I go for my SSDI re eval mental health test with the guy trained to be a principle. I know he is qualified in other areas, but it just sounds so weird to me, that a guy with a PHd in education can diagnose your mental health status. Hopefully he won't have his big finger slapping ruler with him!!! :)

So anyone with any spare prayers or thoughts, it will be appreciated! morgan

By the way, just so you know what a dork I am, the last couple of esophageal dilations I had were not great, and I asked hubs to explain to my gastro why I didn't want to go back any more. (you know, invalidation, won't even write "stricture" when he can't even get the dilator down, annoyance that I need potassium IV's, etc) So he tells Hubs (I am awake but inarticulate in any way) that my throat was very tight and my stomach looked pretty bad. Then Dave says...she's doesn't want to come any more. That's it. My doctor stands there for a full minute, waiting to hear why, and Dave says NADA. SO finally the doctor says, well okay, have her call when she needs it again. Making me look like the cretin here, yet again.

So, with my foggy brain, I write and explain if he would just have the kahunas to write stricture, (after two years of every eight weeks, my dianosis is still "Diagnostic gastro!") and yada yada. I managed like 3 pages of stuff to write.

So yesterday I get my records from the last gastro, which was a week ago Monday, he hasn't even seen my letter yet, because it wouldn't have gotten to him, and guess what? He has written I have 2 strictures and Periodic Paralysis. It is in writing now. Oh my reactionary brain....I sent him cookies..... ;)

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So, tiredMorgan, how demented are you? :)

BTW, my coworker is a Ph.D. in clinical psych, and studying to become a neuropsych specialist--she's AWESOME. I only wish it would be appropriate to ask her to do the neuropsych eval my neuro doc ordered b/c I DON"T want to do it.


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Oh Nina, I am most certainly a nut job, but only of the best kind :)

She actually said, considering my life and my body, I am a very strong person. shucks

Of interest to all those with the diagnosis of conversion disorder: and who doesn't have at least one of those, although I am certainly in the Guiness Book....she stated EMPHATICALLY, that a person with a real conversion disorder is too mentally sick to hold down any kind of job and since I worked over 30 years, it's virtually impossible that I would have the personality of someone with that disorder. I asked her if she would let 95% of the doctors here know that, little known by them, fact.

Do I have mental health issues. Of course, but they are not the cause of my physical problems, quite the other way around.....2 good visits in 2 days, someone catch me while I faint.... ;)

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I'm so happy for you--------WOW, finally get a couple GOOD appointments. I remember those days of the psyc diagnosis.

The psyc from SSDI tried to give me that diagnosis, and it was so cool to see that report excluded at the hearing. After the medical expert gave his testimony, both the psyc, and vocational expert were not asked to give thier testimony-----we were done. My Physical issues cause any mental problems I may have, and of course some of the CRAZY medical professionals contribute a fair amount----- :)

I hope this luck continues for you. It's a long time coming--- ;)

Maxine :0)

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