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Ear Pain...


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Hi all!!!

I have another weird question!

So, for a couple months now my ear lobe has been quite painful especially in the cold. I also have like three lumps inside the ear lobe itself. I waited for a while to make sure it wasn't some weird acne thing. But, it has gone on too long. Plus you can't see anything, I can just feel it inside. (no raised bumps)

So, besides it being weird and kinda nasty sounding, I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this? It is just weird and sometimes the pain is a nuisance. :P

Any help would be appreciated!

Sorry for being weird and gross! :P:lol:;):huh:

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Years ago, my husband had a lump in his ear lobe that hurt. He kept putting off going to the doctor and the lump got bigger and bigger. Talk about being gross - one day the lump exploded and then he had to go to the doctor! It ended up being a cyst and he had to have it removed. I think that taught him to get to the doctor sooner. You might want to get it checked out soon. It might just be the same thing my husband had.

Good luck!


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Its werid cause it can happen anytime. I was driving home from work the other day and went to rub my ear and it hurt like heck..really sore. So no it doesnt happen when I'm lying down, more when I'm upright. I'm thinking maybe since I've been on my feet that the blood flow is constricted in that area. Who knows......Even thou I'm back to working full time time, it just wears me out. I have to lay down when I get home, I'm being very careful cause I dont want to get where I was before.

Take Care

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Just read this post and wondered if these painful parts in the ear are anything like the things my son and I get.

We normally get one or two if we are run down for any reason, they start out as just a painful place in the ear , and I mean PAINFUL................ :) when you look at the place the pain is coming from all you may see and I do mean MAY , because it has taken me years of looking at ears to be able to see the tiny mark that is causing all this awful throbbing , screaming painful ear .

All that is visible to someone who has really looked at the place the poor person is pointing to is the tiniest of red marks ....or possibly the faintest of raised bumps , but underneath this mark or bump is the biggest amount of puss that could possibly come from such a small place !

If left after you have tried to 'crack ' the outer Shell of the thing ........well it will grow bigger and bigger and the pain will drive you mad .

Its almost like a blind abscess on the outer part of the inner ear , if that makes sense ???

I have never seen one on the soft flat part of the ear only on the main hard parts of the earpiece leading to the ear canal .

Once my step daughter had three at once , she came back from her mothers home in agony and begged me to sort them for her , when I looked at her ear I could plainly see a large raised slightly red section to the ear ........I showed her father it but all he could see was a slight red mark , he thought she was exaggerating it all and that I was just playing along with her , so I sat him down so he could see exactly what I was doing , cleaned the ear carefully with antiseptic wash and cotton buds , which sent the poor girl into cries of pain again .

Then with the use of a modelling tool ..............er , yep, a plastic modelling tool that can be bought from a craft shop is round and flat edged at one end is perfect for this , it can also be boiled and then washed in antiseptic and stored for the next time .............well all I had to do was to press just behind the reddest part ...............and bang ......you could actually hear it go and the puss that came out of this small red mark was incredible ............the poor girl let out a yelp as it burst , then went quiet with sheer releif .

To test if its all out you have to with the pointed end if the tool gently press around the split skin , if as it was this time there was more underneath this one .......you will know as the person will shout out in pain again.

Three times this thing went and in all I must have had around half a teaspoon of muck come out of it , I kept pressing around the spilt until it bleed clear red , no white , yellow or green as it was with my step daughters ear , clean the area well with antiseptic wash and then I added a good antiseptic banded cream .

When I touched the area again to put this one .......she smiled !!!! Not one little pain , nothing .

From then onwards if any of the children had this ear pain I sorted them out , my now ex husband would never believe that I could see them in ears , in fact I can spot one at a good distance now before Mike has a chance to say ' I think I may have one of those painful things coming '

We did try antibiotics for them once , but the drug took so long getting a hold on the thing that Mike in such pain started to try and deal with it himself , not a good idea as you cant see in your own ear , but the pain can be so bad you will try anything it stop it ...............I know I had one that no one could see , luckily my GP could and with a sterile needle burst it after 6 days of sheer agonizing pain and feeling sick with it .

So when someone comes to you with a painful ear thats driving them mad and you say you cannot see a thing .....get a magnifying glass and look for a slightly raised bump ....a slightly red mark or an enlarged pore in the ear ........use the blunt end of a cotton bud without the bud and gently touch around the area .......when they yelp you'll know you have found the thing ..................good luck


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Thanks for the help! Yeah, that sounds about the same. Although, I have to say you kind of scare me with the coming at it, popping it/digging it out! :huh: It sounds like you know what you are doing, but sharp instruments at my ears creeps me out! :P

Thanks for your help! I have a dr. appmt. next week. :)

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FINALLY, got to see the dr. on this today, and says she doesn't know what it is, and is sending me to an ENT. Urrgghh! I refrained from telling her I think this is what it is, because she is not the type to like to be told things, and it was obvious she didn't know how to treat it so, YAAAH!!! Another dr!!! B)

At least that appmt is next week! :P

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