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For Those Of You With Tubes


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.. i have a call into my ent.. BUT ill ask anyways.. do you ever have trouble with ear pain after tubes are placed in? and do you feel like there is water or fluid in your ear? and the big question.. are you really sensitive to noise? I mean more then the normal potsy senstivity to noise? But its like everything is amplified times 1000 or something.. and its not a nice sound/feeling....Im about going out of mind.. all i want to do is stay in a nice totally silent room.. b/c noise is bothering me that MUCH.. is that normal i wonder?

I woke at about 3am.. feeling like this.. and am wondering if its normal.. like i said tho im waiting for a call back from my ENT....I dont remember this happening last time with tubes.. but then again that was along time ago.....


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I also responded in your other post in the other forum.

Hope your doctor gets back to you because as I said my daughter has been getting tubes an average of twice a year for a decade or so and never has pain after procedure or any of the symptoms you are describing. In fact she actually looks forward to getting her tubes because of the relief they give. She has hearing loss that she doesn't feel is made better when the tubes are in, except she doesn't get the congestion she is susceptible to without the tubes, which makes her hearing worse.

Perhaps it's because there is only one tube in that your ears are a bit "off balance" if that makes any sense?

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The amplified sound sensation is normal after having tubes put in for the first time--but the feeling of fullness/liquid is not. When you blow your nose, you should not feel any pressure; if you do, or you hear crackling/bubbling, you may have mucous blocking the hole in the tube. If that's the case, there are drops you can use to help clear it out (NOT ear cleaning solution!!! the drops are either a saline solution--or Rx antibiotic). You can still get an ear infection with even with the tubes, and if that's what's going on, you'll get drops from your doc for that.

Regardless, you should talk to your doc before you do anything.

The loud wooshing of air and amplified sound will go away over the next few days.


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The purpose of tubes is to get rid of fluid in the eustachian tubes. That may take awhile. The sound may be uncomfortable because your hearing has probably been quite blunted and now you are hearing better, although it seems too loud. You should adjust to that.

My son had the TV and radio blasting all the time and for awhile after getting his tubes, everything was too loud, but he adjusted quickly. You should not be having any drainage.

I got a shot of steroid directly into my middle hear, and it left a little hole. Every time I blew my nose or changed altitudes, I could feel a woosh of air. it lasted about a week, then stopped. Hope you feel better soon! morgan

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hi all .. im starting to adjust better to noise.. its not totally gone.. but i dont want to pull my hair out at all the "LOUD SOUNDS".. Uhm my ear was not infected.. ent said things look good in there.. which is great.. said pretty much waht you all did about noise sensitivity.. i havent been able to hear for some time now... and that i can.. its going to take time to get use to it..

reason for ear pain...chiari for one.. and its just how my body has reacted to things.. im going in next wk for the ear.. but im allready for that!

just wanted to update you all :)


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