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Severe Nausea


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for the past several afternoons in a row.. im awaken from my nap with severe nausea.. the right before you puke nausea that makes your mouth water.. and think if i dont move quick there is going to be a mess...

the nausea doesnt go away.. and i dont throw up...it last welll into the evening....

wondering if you all that deal with this.. what do you do to make it stop.. I havent started anything new yet.... :):):blink::blink:

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I, too, experience extreme nausea but it usually comes when I have my bouts of diarrhea or if I'm hypoglycemic. Have you had any recent med changes? Do you have a problem with hypoglycemia? Is there any chance you could be pregnant? Just a few things to think about.

I take Phenergan pretty regularly for this. Thankfully, I've gotten past the point of it making me incredibly sleepy.

Hope you feel better!

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Yes, Yes, Yes...I deal with that type of nausea alot. I am still waiting to find that "magic pill" that works.....If you find something let me know! I hope this subsides for you very soon.


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hi dizzy,

what usually helps me, is using my electric thingy to lift the head end of my bed some more and (don't laugh!!!) eat some carrots. i don't know why this helps, but it does. i usually fall asleep again and when i wake up (as i can't stay asleep this high) i put the head end back and i'm okay.

hope this helps for jou too!!!

take care,

corina :)

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I struggle with nausea often, though it usually isn't as bad as what you are describing. Ocassionally I'll have nausea so badly that I think I'm going to throw up, but that doesn't happen regularly.

Peppermint tea and lying on my side help a little bit. Time is the only thing that takes the nausea away, though. Flop recently said that chewing on a spice helps (like fennel or cloves). Someday I want to try that out.

I hope this goes away for you soon.


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I did have that kind of nausea that wakes you up and you think: in this very moment I'm going to puke!...And then nothing.

I used to have nausea all the time. Like carry-barf-bags-everywhere and sleep-with-the-bucket-by-the-bed kind of nausea. The most frustrating and perplexing part is that I would rarely throw up. I would just careen to the very edge, like you speak of, and hover there...waiting. I changed my diet and exluded: gluten, dairy, raw fruit, caffeine and alcohol and the change has been amazing. What used to be a daily occurance of debilitating nausea now generally only happens on the heels of hypoglycemia, severe blood pressure drop and/or dysautonomic panic attack. These episodes happen maybe once a month and are usually provoked by some stimulant or another. Gone are the days of waking up, bolt-like, with that to-the-edge nausea.

I have no idea if it will work for you but I swear it has worked wonders for me!

Tip: when I did (and do) get nauseated I put an ice pack on my stomach. Somehow the cold chills the nerves into submission.

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Guest tearose

If it is not contraindicated, could you tolerate a 1/4 or 1/2 dose of children's anti-nausea medicine?

My pcp told me to take a tiny dose of Bonine which is for travel sickness. I took 1/4 of a kids chewable tablet and it worked amazingly well.

Maybe you could ask if you could try it.

best regards,


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