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Ami's Son Attacked And Injured In Village.


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I'm sure by now you all know what sort of a family we are , Mark ,my disabled 'one handed ' husband who's just a crazy caring man does the photography for my charity , when his head, feet or neck isn't bringing him down with pain.

Mike my 16 year old son , who as you may recall is now showing signs of POTS and has been unwell since he was 4 years old , also works for my charity , he's my Youth Event manager and has been working with me for 8 years. He has never had an enemy in his life , he's very much like me , laid back , always happy , always smiling 'what ever' and a good friend to all . We have never heard a bad word about him , in fact people come up to me and say how much they admire Mike and hope that there sons turn out to be like him , he is a credit to my family and I am so proud of him .

I haven't been on lately as Corina knows , I've been very unwell and struggling , but still working from my bed on a sponsorship deal for my charity that will bring in ?120,000 the first year ?250,000 the second year and then .........the skies the limit , and yes, I have finished all the work on this and signed , sealed and GOT IT :P as well as this I've put together some small fundraising events to bring some publicity to my charity over the next two weeks or so .

One such event is an abseil from a department store in Plymouth by 15 young people from my sons college , and it is three of these young men who have caused so much pain, angry and upset in our village over the past 24-48 hours that I am writing about , no names ..............but a story that will dismay you and make any mother reading this thank god that her lad is safe tonight.

As a gesture to the group abseiling for me I asked half of them this weekend and half next weekend to come and spend the weekend with us at our home , we put up a huge 12 man tent on the back field for them to stay in , but all meals where here in the house with us , and boy , oh. boy had I cooked some meals for them in readiness; Lasagna , a HUGE 6 kilo boneless leg of pork :o for a roast Sunday dinner , turkey in peppercorn sauce, lemon meringue pies, apple sponge pudding ...........enough to feed an army let alone 8 teenage boys and girls.

As well as this , having talked about it with Mark we got in a case of 24 lagers ( weakest ones we could find ) and a huge bottle of fizzy white wine the sort that girls like thats sweet and more like lemonade then alcohol , if there's more than 0.05% in it ! :P

Mark was taking them all fishing on our river and doing some real survival techniques with them , thats what Marks trained in , all sorts of survival things like : animal tracking , shelter building , security around your camp ..........all the sorts of things lads and girls love at this age , and are doing at the college , but Marks training takes it a bit further.

We had arranged for the three girls of the group to come this weekend and four of the boys , pick up time and gear sorted by me and all I had to do was collect all the fishing rods, sleeping bags and rucksacks from Plymouth in the car while the seven plus Mike came back home to ours on the bus .................seems fair ?

They where to stay from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening ...........yep, thats today ...............no one here now. :)

This is how Mike my son came to be kicked in the head and now has : a cracked nose , black & swollen eye , cuts to the face , forehead and neck and a huge raised area at the back of his right thigh. This is why he's shaken up so badly he's quiet , pale , withdrawn and tearful . He's been sitting in bed with me all wrapped up in a huge fluffy dressing gown watching TV and I've been just talking to him quietly trying to get his head straight over the matter .

By Saturday Morning 'Sherlock ' as I'm now know to the police had picked the three lads brains who masterminded this awful event , found there homes ,discovered the 'false names '............yes, false names , they had given the police and pieces together what was truth and what was 100 outright lies . As well as this I found the names and addresses of the two ADULTS who had attacked Mike and who would , with an army of other village thugs have taken on Mark my one handed husband who came to Mikes rescue when he called home screaming down the phone he was being beaten and they where chasing him in a car...................you can imagine how my heart went into over drive and I started to vomit , go dizzy , sweat and panic , being left alone , Mark driving to rescue Mike from another beating and possible suffer himself and me wondering of anyone would come here in the meantime .


The weekend 8 turned out to be just the three who caused the mess Mikes in , they managed to stop the others coming .........they lied to them all .

I picked up there stuff on Friday afternoon as prearranged and as there was only three lads collected them as well , I thought it strange that as they where going fishing they only had one rod. At home got all the sleeping stuff sorted and at abut 6 had dinner , all together as normal , yet one said he couldnt eat and was nervous you could see it in his face , but I put this down to them being here in our house .

As I said I'd left a box of beers for the 8 ( now 4 ) to have a couple each evening with dinner , at Fridays dinner they each had two beers ( Mike only 1/2 can ) Mark and I got on with our evening things and the 4 lads ( thats including Mike all the time now ) watched a DVD .

At 8 pm the tallest one said he wanted to go fishing ..... ;) .....in the pitch black off a pontoon thats unstable and with fast waters around it , I dont think so , not only that BUT none of the three lads who came could tackle up a rod , which had bells going off in my head .

So they went down to the village instead( 3 mins away ) and bought some biscuits and some gum, came home and watched some TV because at 5 am on Saturday morning they had arrange to all go fishing with Mark ................at this point Mark left them going into the tent behind us and Mark came to bed ......................Ah ................ :)

There are three lads plus Mike . Mike is M. Tallest lad 1. middle lad 2. smallest lad 3.

About 3/4 of an hour later as Mark was coming upstairs the phone went .............Mark answered it and it was at this point all h*** let loose . All I heard was mark shouting at me , he then got his jumper on and shoes grabbed his stick and rushed out of the house throwing the phone at me saying 'speak to him , tell him to get up the road , I'm coming' this is what happened to Mike .

In the tent the 1 lad said he didn't want to sleep so lets go for a walk around the village as he hadn't seen it yet ( pitch black outside now ) M not wanting to be a wimp so said OK , when the 3 lads arrived they had said they didn't know our village , had never been here before and didn't know anyone who lived in or near the village , this was just complete lies .

Instead of walking in our village , they walked across the river to the other village to us , walked into the village square and at this point 2 lad disappeared . Five minutes later as M was looking around for him 2 appeared running like mad shouting run .........and of course all 4 lads ran , they came to the slipway in front of the river and 2 girls came from the direction lad 2 had come from , these 2 girls M knows , so he started to talk to them, 4 other village lads arrived and then another 5 and another 4 surrounding all 4 from our house .

Then lad 1 suddenly moved and knocked down /out three of the village lads behind him and ran like a coward . M didn't know what was going on as the other 2 lads ran off leaving M standing there ........one of our village lads took a swing at my son , he then turned to run .

He said afterwards I just didn't know what was going on , what to do or what I'd supposed to have done as everyone as screaming at me and cars where starting up and I didn't know where to go ...............as he sat in the lounge telling me this covered in blood with the police watching he as shaking and crying and it was all I could do not to just grab him and rock him on my arms , he was in such a state of shock and I was helpless , but the police knew , they knew Mike had been stitched up , but not how or why .

My son having run about 10 was tackled to the ground backwards over a low wall , as he fell he hit his leg and has damaged it , while on the ground and M shouting out ' what have I done , what have I done ..........and I dont understand why you are doing this time , you know me ' the two males attacked mike . I will not write here what they did because it is distressing , but I have forensic evidence to link them to my sons injuries.

As these two cowards turned to call for reinforcements my son managed crawl away and hide in a garden of an elderly lady we know , he then got out of the back of her garden and started to jog/walk towards the road calling Dad on his phone ( my hubby ) for help , which is where I came on to the phone .

The 2 men who attacked my son had by then got into a car with 3 others and where driving after hi, , Mark was driving from the other way and got to him first , shoved him in the car and then took him back to the village square where it all started .

As this is so long I'll try now to give you a short version of events that followed:

The 3 lads who came to stay DID know our village .

T had had a fight with two of a family here and been injured because of the sister of this family , T had been in the wrong .

So T arranged with the other two lads that they would make up my abseiling team and then worm there way into our house/village which is why they didn't want the girls or other lads to come this weekend .

After I had called the police to come here NOW and explained that my son was hurt and my husband was in the middle of a group of 40 + village lads who had surrounded him all wanting my son from out of the car and his 3 mates to 'deal with' , so while I was waiting I went into the tent and found that all crate of beers had been drunk ( mike still only 1 can in total ) and a good couple of 2 x litre bottle of strong cider , which means in my books they where getting courage for something .

Lad 2 had gone to the house of the family whose sons had attacked lad 1 , opened their front door gone in and grabbed /pushed a small child then run out again...........back to my son and the other 2 lads in the square. Basically he as calling them out . But what he didn't know as that our village has a huge network of people who if called for any reason be it things like this or a boat getting stuck , Cliff rescue , snow drifts ..........all come out to help .

When the lads surrounded my son and these lads my son was taken as the ring leaded who brought them to the village , which he was not .

So my son being who he is and knowing how to behave ,apologised to the mother of the family for unknowingly bring these lads to the village , Mark backed him up and they came back to me .

The police , who know Mike from charity work we do with them where so worried about him and checked him over for me , they are going to arrest the two lads for attacking him when I call with anymore details I can .

About an hour later the other 3 came back , they had run off leaving Mike to take the beating and hidden in the woods until all had gone quiet .

They gave false names & addresses to the police ( which we didnt know at the time ) and came up with a story that was so much of a 'fairytale ' I felt quite sorry for............their parents.

Mark wanted to throw them all out into the night , I didn't ..............OH, NO , I had Mike upstairs away from then , washed and dressed his cuts and sorted his bruises and wounds, then locked all three of them in the back room with sleeping stuff for the night . In the morning I just carried on as normal , not letting them speak to Mike or see him .

I gave them all breakfast and then took them home .

All the time I was doing the 'mummy talk' and the OH , dear how awful and letting them slowly but surely 'spill the beans' without knowing it , boys have to brag about things , they let things slip , repeated the story wrong , muddled things up .............and I logged it all , sorted and stored it and now I have the full story ............. lad 1 came here with his 2 mates to attack the two lads from the family that had done it to him months before .............dragging my son, my family and the village in as well.

On Monday, now I know all the story I am going back to the police to give the real names and addresses of the lads who where here , tell them what really happened and give them the names and addresses of the people involved as well as the names of the two men who attacked my son .

These two men have two options now because later today I am going to there homes to speak to them both , face to face , I'm not afraid of them at all , but when I've finished I think they will be of me . They can either come to the house and from the garden both apologise to my son in full, saying that they now know the real story and that Mike has done nothing wrong and that they are truly sorry for what happened and that they will make it known that Mike is innocent in all this within the village and beyond .


As Mike is a minor in law I will give their names and addresses plus the forensic evidence I have that links them to my son to the police , have them both arrested for actual bodily harm to a minor and then have my own solicitor in London start a private action against them both for ABH and sue them for compensation of ?50,00 each for the injuries, pain and shock that Mikes till going through .

I am also seeing the principle of the college to ask that all three lads who came here are suspended following police investigations into this crime and that they should be permanently removed from the course and the college as.

They are not going to work for my charity and as far as I'm concerned ever work for charity again.

I feel grubby , dirty and abused by what these lads did , we took them in a friends of Mikes and they did this to us , they planned all this weeks ahead , planned the route to this other family's house and there story and left Mike to take the blame , the beating and anything else ........................I dont think so .

This mum may be disabled , may be someone who appears to be crazy, fluffy , a easy touch and a push over .............dont you believe all you see , because this mum isn't the fluffy , warm cuddly type you think she is , EKKA trained to lever 1st dam , able to get anyone to talk about the things they dont want to talk about and able to remember things most people haven't seen in the first place .Worked for a private investigation company many years ago ( a mate who was in need of help ) and so still able to use techniques I was trained in .

Mikes feeling better tonight , his eyes rather nasty but he's eating now , still tearful , hasn't been out of the house even into the garden and is now only allowed to with Mark or myself with him for a while .

I'm devastated by this , angry , hurt , appalled and just cannot believe that lads from his won college , his won course would set up such a nice lad as my son .

Mark is devastated by all this , he thinks Mike is the sun and moon in his world , and loves him to bits , he's never done anything wrong in 16 + years of his life , always been there for others , always helped with us both when we are unwell and he cannot understand why Mike .

From Ami and Mark, parents of a great lad who isn't very well at this time . XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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I'm so sorry for everything your family has been through this weekend.

I don't understand people- repaying your benevolence and hospitality in such a way...

Mike is lucky to have two such wonderful parents.

Please accept my love and wishes for healing, and please give Mike an extra hug from me.

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Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts for Mike on this awful matter.

The police have been around again and still they cannot do anything to the 3 lads that caused it all or the 2 adults who beat my son , the whole village has closed up on them and its only us who are willing to speak , probably because we work so closely with some of the higher ranked police officers in the force with my charity events and who all know Mike as he to works works with them.

I had to take Mike to see the doctor today , he didn't go into college , but I did , set the record straight with the vice principle , head of that department , college complaints section , head of the course he's on and everyone of the PT instructors these lads have contact with .

I found out further information concerning what this was all about last night , apparently the 3 lads who caused all the trouble and the 3 lads that they attacked are all at Mikes college as is one of the adults who attacked my son .

The college is now aware that they may have a war on there hands if this lot kick off again and as I said its better that they are aware then just think its some boys fall out , because fall out it is not .

Mikes not right , he didn't want to shave or do anything much today , what didn't help was he had to finish a piece of course work entitled ' crime and its victims ' ................just what you want to read about when your face is all swollen and you hurting all over .

But it was something else as well, he kept doing this strange laugh when you tried to speak to him and his eyes going wide then his eyes darting from side to side very fast ...........he wouldnt give eye contact at one point and walked around with his head down , he's still white if not slightly jaundice colour .

Mark , Doc and I think that all that happened to me in the past has come back to him and he's suddenly gone into real big time shock and some form of depression , he's just not my mike at the minute .

The doc has said keep him off this week and if he gets worse or does anything really strange get him to her at once , but let him rest ,sleep or do anything that you think he needs to do and if he wants and you can , take him out of Plymouth for a days outing ( if he's well enough) make him think of other things ......christmas may be ???

So all the people who have caused the trouble are getting away with it , not a scratch on them and I saw them at college today laughing away at people and actually heard them boast to someone ' got the kids at the weekend' and my son who works so hard for my charity , helps both Mark and I when ill , and is doing so well at college that his head of course is over the moon with his work and his 100% giving it all , well he's battered , broken , bruised , scared of everything the phone ringing , door bell going and I just dont know what to do , we let him talk when he wants to and we both are just there when he wants anything , thats all we can do and hope that he just comes out of this soon , I just want my son back again.

I AM SO ANGRY....................Ami.

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i am so very sorry this all happened ami. i think mike needs time to heal from this. it is a hard way of growing up in todays world. and that people who behave badly are getting away with it is just unbearable.

i will ask christian to go out and buy him something and we'll get it in the mail for him and hope that will get his mind to something else. wish you could take him for a trip to the netherlands so the boys could hang out. well, don't tell him about the mail thing, it would be nice to surprise him, okay?

take care, all of you, and love from

corina and all the boys

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Thank you so much Corina .

A number of Mikes own Village friends from his old school have been calling round each day to see him , in fact we cant keep them away at the minute.

Mike really wanted to go out tonight at about 7 pm , he had 3 friends with him , went down the path , out the gate , down the steps and then sat down on them .................Mark watched all from our CCTV thats on the garden/house/ road now .

About 20 minutes later and with much encouragement from his friends , mike walked about another 50 yards to the gate of the churchyard and stopped again, then had to come home , all the time his heart was going mad and he was white , sweating and and looking very upset and afraid when he came in ............but then , its a start at least .

He just couldnt go any further , he said he wanted to be able to see the house ( which you can from there ) he wanted to be able to call for help from us .

I am very worried about him , this is not my son .

Today at 12 noon we have his event , this abseil thats for CHSW our charity, Mark and I really want Mike to do this , so what we have arranged is that my area manager Judy , Mark, myself , our very tall .......wide.....and .....massive friend , who runs another group for the charity is there and the army sergeants /men are all aware ............and fingers crossed we will get Mike to the city centre , on top of the building and get him to jump for CHSW .............I tell you the cheers that will go up if he does this will be heard in the Netherlands let alone across Plymouth ..................... so keep your fingers crossed all .


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Oh , Dear ...............he couldnt do it :( .

Today we asked him if he was going to abseil ?? last night he said he would , then in the morning he said NO . He looked really grey/yellow when we got to Plymouth city at about 11 am , but I had to take him ( Mark, myself Judy my boss and other CHSW who he knows there for support) as his college mates all wanted to see him.

Unfortunately Nikita , a rather smashing young lady who likes him , almost burst into tears again when he came over to her , he really does look bad at the minute and his left eye socket / lower under eye section /nose and down by the left side of his nose is red/yellow/purple and swollen still , so in all you could say all who saw his where shocked , mind you he got so many kisses and great big squishy hugs from the girls and many of the older lady and as for his male college mates, well you know how lads greet each other at this age , normally all sort of 'grunt , head nod or something that you think they are saying about a cat :) along the lines of ' us aaatt' or yoatmayt' :angry: ............nope , they all wanted to do a sort of half body hug and a pat on the back :blink: nice to think that they seeing Mike looking down and unwell had the guts to do this with so many people about ( around 100+ at abseil base )

The 3 cowards turned up later than all the rest of the group and made sure that they didn't look out way or come near us at all .

Apparently they have now changed their stories at college again and said that they didn't leave Mike at all and that he didn't get a a mark on him , no one touch him , So I'm asking the police for the official statements given by all 4 lads ( including Mikes ) so that this can be stopped right now , Mark is furious , but as i said before long they will have changed there stories so much over it that no one ill listen or believe a thing they say , not that they are doing that now .

The BBC spotlight south west camera crew and the local newspaper turned out again , along with a number of army officers who all came over to me +Mike + Mark and made themselves know , rather to the amusement of my boss.

Marks taken some great shots of the team , so when he's sorted tomorrow Ill, stick some on my photo-link site so you can see them ............and possibly a photo of Mikes face ( 6 days on that is )

Do you know what really shocked and upset Mark today thought ?

Unbelievably , one of our older friends that we often spoke with on Citizen Band Radio ( Marks has a huge one in the house ) who we haven't seen for about 2 years because of all the illnesses with us all ..........was there :blink: he had come to cheer on his only grandson who was abseiling today ............... :o who was in Mikes year at the college :( ............abseiling for CHSW :o and who was the very boy who walking into the house and started it all :o .

No, we didn't say anything to him , names or places etc , how do you tell an elderly man in his late 70's that the grandson who he idealises helped do this to Mike who he thinks is such a wonderful lad and hopes his grandson turns out something like Mike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dont , you just keep your mouth firmly closed and smile . Mark noticed on the way home Mike , who had a baseball hat on all day to keep his face in shade , was head down again and this time quietly crying . I think I will have to take him to the docs again soon as he might need some professional help with this .

I'll post in a couple of days with hopefully better news, taking him out today at about 11 am to help me book a ballroom for our huge charity ball in May 2008 ,so lets hope that brings him out a bit .


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Have these violent men been arrested for this assault? Hope your son feels better soon. A word of caution about his being kicked in the head...if he has injury to his nose and eyes and he is not acting himself (aside the trauma), I would see that he get a MRI of his brain for brain injury especially if he was kicked in the head, if you haven't already done so.

I know from experience, we have been dealing with the outcomes of a brain injury from a car accident for the last two years and it can have lasting affects on someone's life and I wished back then someone would have informed us the impact.

Take care.

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Thanks for the information Sally , yes ,we did get his head seen to ..................mmmmmm, thats does not sound right but you know what I mean !

The strange behavior is partly to do with 'our past' , if you have ever read my story in the history section then you will understand that being attacked like this has brought back some rather painful, distressing and violent memories for Mike, his Doctor thinks that he has now realised what I went through for about four years and why like him I became withdrawn and quiet and unable to talk or face friends .

Letting people know how this effected you and for a lad Mikes size and age letting them know just how afraid you where of the whole thing and in away ashamed of yourself for not doing anything , for being used and for being so naive, well its all just to much at this time .

He' so much better today :o and has been talking about the May 2008 ball , has asked if Dan one of the lads from college in the press photograph I have , his best mate at the college and someone who like Mike is a 'good, clean , caring lad' could be his assistant manager ..........along with this very, very pretty blonde haired young lady that burst into tears twice for Mike ( now thats a good sign )once on the Monday when I told them in college and again when she saw him . So if he's talking girls and smiling ................he must be at last getting his head around what happened and thinking more like Mike again .

Tonight , with Mark and myself getting all churned up inside , waiting for the phone to go ( shoes on ready ;) ) with car keys by the door , Mike went in o the village with 3 of his village mates not leaving his side , went down to the yacht club and ...................sat and talked to one of the young lads that those 'other' college lads attacked ! ( so many lads from so many places in this guys )

He was in the village or rather the yacht club for 2 hours and came back looking as if a HUGE weight had been lifted . :( thank goodness for that , and is now looking less grey , head more upright and eating better .

On Monday he has said as long as his knees are not to painful he will be going to college , I'm going to take him in and pick him up ...........no, not to 'mollycoddle ' him ( now thats an English word you may not know ) but Mike has to pick up all the sponsorship cash which could be over ?500 , a nice amount for someone to tell his mates about and get them to 'take' this from Mike on the way home isn't it ?

Especially if the someone happens to be one of those 3 lads who caused all this in the first place and are now looking very embarrassed by it all and have changed their statements to the group they are in so many times no one believes a thing they say anymore and all the group ( thats the group Mikes in for college training ) are behind Mike and are really angry with them over this whole thing .

As for anyone being prosecuted , NO , we cannot prove that the two adults did this to Mike , even though he saw their faces , knows them and was screaming at them whilst they did this to him and they where shouting back that they knew it was him , but so what and even though we have a shoe print on his coat and finger prints in mud around this neck , coat collar , sleeves etc Mike would be standing alone to take this lot on and the police have said its not the sort of thing he would want to do given the fact that the adults who did this to him are on police records for violence, muggings, and burglaries already , they are like us afraid of revenge ...............unbelievable , revenge on Mike for beating Mike in the first place ...... :blink: ..........what has the world come to .

Its a case of 20 or so of these nasty cowardly adults friends all saying that their friends who attacked Mike didn't go near Mike, see him , talk to him or touch him , so its Mike against 22 adults :blink:

When I went to their house on the Sunday morning ( on my own ) and confronted the main attacker , his mother , sister and girlfriend all there and butting in saying such rubbish to me ( I had to tell them to shut up and listen or I'd call the police there and then ) it was so obvious that he did this, even his mother couldnt get her story straight , his girlfriend who claims she talked to Mike a few minutes after the even said he was Not injured , not hurt and nothing was wrong with him , well she couldnt actually put him in the right place at the right time .............and she had no idea Mark was there watching her as she stood talking to her boyfriend ( the main attacker ) this adult repeated something to me that only the person who attacked Mike would know and he laughed in my face as he said it . :blink: I cannot tell you how I felt knowing that this man actually admitted to me he did it then told me to get witnesses to stand up against him in a court of law ............I know that one day he will have to face up to all the things he has done to people , old and disabled people and young lads in our village , then we will see who is the coward and who is the strong person .

The 3 lads all under 15 who where also hurt by these 3 lads who we had here , well their caring , loving parents have done nothing and will not even speak to the police and haven't even got the kids treatment at all . As well as this 3 other younger lads from around the village got attacked by other people in the village that night when they thought that they where Mike and the lads who where staying here !!! NO, there parents will not talk and all in all the two twin villages have closed down , closed doors, done nothing , said nothing and will not speak to the police about any of the whole affair , only our family have spoken out , named names and made statements about it .

So Mums just doing her security job and at the same time sorting out the two assistant managers jobs with his friends.

First job for all of them is Wednesday at the Holiday inn in Plymouth , helping to set the ball and giving ideas so this will be the biggest , most spectacular , most lavish ball that our city has ever seen .

I'll let you know what happens over the weekend as Mikes asking Dan and Nikita to come over for the day to talk charity work and 'other' things .

Take care all and think yourselves luck that you done have to walk past the house of the man who did this awful cowardly thing to your son .

Ami .

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Wow, I'm SO sorry to hear about your son. I'm not sure what to say either except that I'm here for you to listen and pray for your family.

Thanks for keeping us posted and please take care,


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I can't believe that after all this it's a case of your word against theirs- how ridiculous!!! ;)

SO unfair. I'm glad that Mike's doing a little bit better, and I hope that you all continue to heal from this. I also hope that eventually the truth comes out such that those responsible will be prosecuted.

Take care!

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  • 1 month later...

Hello all again.

Its been sometime since I last posted on here partly because I have been so up and down with pots , the attack kicked off a very bad session for me and I've been in bed one day , out two , back in , out again and just so behind with everything , but I'm now sort of back on my feet now .

UPDATE ON MIKE...........

The two adults who attacked Mike are still walking around , no one would come forward from our village or the village over the water , everyone is afraid of the repercussions that these two men and thier so called friends will do if you speak out against them at all .

What I didnt tell you was on the Sunday when I went to the man's home who did the worst damage to my son he stood almost nose to nose with me and quietly told me that if I did anything to them via the police , well they know who we are , where we live and would make our lives **** ...............................just to prove the point without us knowing about 10 days later some one came over the back garden wall and turned on the gardeners outside toilet hot water tap ......full and as we where out at the time we where unaware of this .

When we came home and couldnt get hot water from the inside taps at all , having checked all taps in the house then went outside , if I'm right this tap had been running full on for around 3-5 hours B) I hate to think what the bill will be for electric this quarter .

When I next saw this head man as I passed this man he stopped and asked me if I'd had any nice long hot baths lately :( so that I would know its them .

Living like this has added to my pots , I haven't told Mark or Mike about the threats and the intimidation that these two big men are doing to a 5 foot 2 inch disabled woman who cannot do any harm to them at all , so brave of them , so clever of them to think they are going to get away with it , but of course they are not as we all know 'what goes around , comes around ' and some day soon they will be in the same situation as one of the poor people who they have done this to in the past , and I wonder if anyone will go to help them, I dont expect so , which in away makes me feel sorry for them both for they must really have an awful life mustnt they ? Living all the time wondering if one of the people they have stolen from , beaten up or abused in the past , will turn on them . This control over the two villages they have will one day I'm sure come back on them when they call for help and I know we should always put aside things like this and help our fellow man when they need it , but as these two man act like animals to all round them , well I'm sorry but if a dog bite me and my family and others around me , then when it went to bite another person that person picked up a stick a whacked it , I'm afraid I would be saying stop , dont do that or reporting them to the RSPCA , sometimes this is the only way you can get through to someone or something that has so much anger , violence and sheer evil in them , which as I said makes me feel sorry for them , it must be awful never feeling happy and not being able to walk in the village waving , smiling and talking at friends and neighbours .

As for Mike in 'himself' well he is back to his smiley , none stop chattering and full of fun self again , but he is now seeing a counsellor as he has been getting nightmares at night in his sleep from the attack , its like it keeps happening over and over again in his sleep and he keeps calling for Mark and I to help him .

This is why I sleep little at night now and am up at 5 am to write this , Mike had another session tonight earlier on , so I can speak to him and calm him down whilst his still asleep , obviously his sleep is not recharging him 100% and he's a lot tireder lately .

He's now going out and about again in our village , none of us have crossed the water to the other village and we are not likely to until May or June of next year .His local friends from his old school have ll supported him 100% and if he ever wants to go anywhere and is just a bit unsure , well it normally ends up with 4 or 5 of them all going .............and then ending up here for hot chocolate and biccys by the fire .

As the village lads have been so good to Mike this Autumn Mark and I are doing a big Christmas party for them all here, lots of food , tons of my speacil none alcoholic cocktails and some very interesting games , such as adult pass the parcel :rolleyes:

which Mike has been in fits of laughter with then Ive typed out the pieces of paper that go in between the layers , some of the things the lads have to do have had Mike rolling around on the floor ...............so he's well looking forward to this and of course Christmas , but Mark and I have decided that until his back is sorted he will not be getting his bike, which he was disappointed over , but then when I said that would be on his 17th Birthday in march ..............he started to dance around the lounge ..............yep, Mikes back thank goodness.

Mikes injures have not healed as expected and he is in a lot of pain in his lower spine , so much so that he is to see a surgeon in Jan 2008 . The damage these men did when they had him over the low wall was not just to his head but his lower back and his knees, which he already has problems with , so he's now in knee braces and cannot do any real swimming , football or sports at college until this is sorted .

As for college , well my son has said that no way are these tow low-life going to stop him getting where he wants to be in life , he's still on course to be one of the only two lads who complete the course with honours , Mark and I are just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of him , not just because of the sheer hard work he's put into the college course , but because he isn't going o let this stop him , as he said to me after thinking about college and jobs .

'One of the men is a cook at a pub and the other works in a garage , do you know mum , it would give me so much pleasure if one day in the future I was the forensics man who found the evidence that had both of these thugs, these low life who have brought such misery to so many people in this village away for a long , long time . It would be so good to stand up in a witness box with them in the dock and be able to sue all the knowledge I'm learning now , against them both ...............and see them squirm , go pale , look worried . They have made me want to finish my courses and get my degree and then doctorat more now than when I started '

Anyhow I've said all I am going to say on this now , well except if Mike has to have any corrective surgery or stuff like that .

So Happy christmas to you all , have a great new year and may 2008 be a lot happier for you all and for us to , I dont mind saying that this year has not been my best .

Meeting Corina and her family was the best of 2007 and in 2008 I'm hoping that Corina and her Husband will be coming to the ball , which is something really wonderful and extra speacil I'm looking forward to , along with Mike and Mark who are also helping me with the setting up of the ball, food etc ..............roll on 2008 .

Love to all , thinking of you my fellow ' POTTIES' hugs, smiles, waves and a big kiss .................Ami , Mike and Mark .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hello again all .

Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you but I've been struggling over Christmas and even now I've been up all night again very unwell , so at times its hard just to stay upright and keep food in let alone sit and write to people.

Mike went to see his surgeon yesterday , he had lots of tests and the man decided he really didnt want to start to investigate Mikes knees or back until me had seen a 'POTS' man although he's no expert of our condition , even he said what Mike has had in the past 16+ years is very much NOT the normal for a fit and healthy lad to get , so after seeing all the x-rays of Mikes back , hips and knees he said that there was some problems with a disc thats thinning and some slight curvature of his spine , but what was most prevalent was the fact that he could see ( dont know what it was he was looking at ) that Mikes back kept going into some sort of spasm , which means he is getting lots of pain .............but from where ?

So , I'm setting up a poll on the medical side to ask all parents just how many of you have kids with POTS as well , because according to my POTS man its not heard of , which I somehow just dont believe .

Mikes back at college today , he's much better in himself now and looking forward to his 17th Birthday in March because I've promised him a chinese banquet on the Hoe in Plymouth , with around 7 of his mates and us to keep order .

I'm a bit worried at this time about getting him his first bike , but then if I keep him covered in 'cotton wool' he will not like that one bit , he could just as easily end up attacked again or be hit by a bus , so there's no real difference is there , and he is level headed , not one of those kind of lads who show off to his mates and he's very sensible about what he does , so it looks like Mike will be on the road soon .

I'll let you know more later .

Ami .

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