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Having Trouble With Avatar Upload


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im trying to upload a new avatar photo and im having trouble.. i looked in help.. BUT im still not getting ti to load up... somebody pleae help!!


thank you!

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Are you wanting to use an avatar from an image hosting site? Or are you trying to upload from a personal computer?

Uploading an image from your computer won't work (even though it appears that it should when you go into My Controls and Edit Avatar Settings). You need to use an image hosting site. Upload the image you want onto an image hosting site (such as Image Shack). From there you'll be able to get some links to your picture. On Image Shack there is a link that says it is for forum use - don't use this one!!! That confused me at first. You need to copy use the direct image link. Copy and past it in the box that says "Enter a URL to an online avatar image" on your Edit Avatar Settings page. Then click "Update Avatar."

Does this help? I'm not familiar with most image hosting sites, but if you're using Image Shack I can give you much more clear step-by-step instructions. If you have any more questions, please ask.


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I use photobucket for a hosting site. It's very similar to imageshack. Uploading is not permitted b/c the photos take up too much memory/bandwidth to be stored within the forum.

Rachel's right--the link needs to be a direct image link, which starts like any web address http://www. whatever... it CANNOT start with [img



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I also use Photobucket, Nina.

It used to be so easy a chimp could use it then they kept upgrading it and I had to look for all the changes (SURPRISE!) when I would go to edit a pic. I think they have tweaked Photobucket about 3 times in the last year.

Personally, I find it easier than image shack which makes you download special software toolbar thingie (I don't do that) and there is also Flickr though for general pic viewing, their pics are smaller. Photobucket also has a built in avatar size but you need to check the MB you are using.

Some limit size more than others, though I UNDERSTAND why, and some don't allow movement, I personally do not like movement in avatars or signatures as they can trigger vertigo. Some people on racing boards sites have avatars or sigs that can make your head spin. :P:)

Photobucket is a wonderful deal. FREE! :)

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! that si waht i was trying to do was upload a picture of my cat for my avatar...But photobucket works too.. they have some neat stuff.. ive never heard of image shack i will have to check that out...:)

thanks for the help!!!!


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GGGEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZ! i know this is not suppose to be dificult.. but it still wont let me upload anything..says i have an invalid link and stuff

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From Sunfish's Helpful Hints:

Adding an Avatar:

You may also notice that many members have a picture, or avatar. If you have a picture of your own that you would like to use, the easiest approach is to upload to a free image host online, then use that URL to link your picture in your control panel on DINET. Several free image hosting sites include:




Alternatively, if you are tech savvy and have webspace allocated to you by your internet service provider (AOL, MSN, Verizon, Comcast, etc) you can upload your images to your own personal webspace and copy the full URL of your image.

Once you have done this go to ?My Controls? and along the left hand side click on the option for ?Edit Avatar Settings? under the ?Personal Profile? subheading. On the blank line under ?Your image avatars? there is a space to ?Enter a URL to an online avatar image.? In that space you need to cut and paste the URL for your image at your host site. Click ?Update Avatar? to save your settings and you should be all set.

If you do not have a picture of your own that you would like to use there are also some available on the site on the ?Edit Avatar Settings? page under ?Pre-installed avatars.?

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