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Diosmin-hmc Vs. Butcher's Broom


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Yesterday I met with a European pharmacist who went over lots of natural supplements with me. When I suggested Butcher's Broom she said that Diosmin was better. Has anybody else tried Diosmin? Any adverse reactions or did it help?


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Just curious why you want to take Butcher's Broom. It' s a POWERFUL DIURETIC which most of us try to avoid.

i know I think it was stinging nettles, is supposed to be GREAT for buildiing bones, and after reading two pages on it YEARS ago, and on the last couple paragraphs, mentioned it's LOWERING of BP properties and DIURETIC uses.

BUMMER. I want to build good new flexible bones. Not bones that a new but break easily or cause esophagus problems (Like all the rubbish advertised from Pharmaceutical commercials!)

Ann Richards from Texas died of esophageal cancer after promoting some bone building drug, not to digress. But that stuff is famouns for causing heartburn so why mess with stuff?

You must be very savvy of herbs, too, as they are not standardized AND can cause harm if you do not know what they do. Many have multiple properties that help one area, but ruin another.

Like HAWTHORN is GReAT for coronary health...but guess what? ANOTHER diuretic.


Sorry to digress...i am very tired

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Well someone with POTS claims to be doing very well on Diosmin:


4.Circulation and Vein Support- I think this is what made so much of a difference for me in so little time. I've started to take this natural medicine that helps blood circulation. Once I started taking the pills, it took about 2 weeks for me to feel a difference. It's called "Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs", it's primary ingredient is Diosmin and it has natural ingredients like grape seed, pine bark, and butcher's broom. The company Pro Caps Laboratories and I believe you can order them from www.ProCapsLabs.com. It's AMAZING and I strongly recommend it.

I shall investigate and return!

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