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  1. i guess we all are on drugs for the most part, rx'd shush now, maybe we will find our mockingbird lol.
  2. whatever rama ha ha who would think you were on drugs?
  3. what about sleepwalking? I started that around the same time my first pots flare. have been doing it lately again too. Maybe just me tho
  4. hey....was that cigar when your baby was born lol? cigars are a lot heavier than cigs heavier smoke and different ingredients. Snowdrifter, I do think that smoking can deprive your brain of oxygen......I havn't done any research on the nicotine patch or nic. gums. That being said, I wouldn't advocate taking up smoking as it is not a cure for me. Only saying that it is calming for me, perhaps because my body is addicted to the chemicals in it so it turns into somewhat of a med for me. I guess I look at it two ways, lotsa people with pots are/have been on meds that can cause damage long term t
  5. i smoke (wish I didn't) have tried patches and the fake cigs that are smokeless but can't quit. I am one of those long time smokers, since age 17, my parents smoked etc. I feel perhaps maybe I get a little more dizzy after I go out for my morning cig but after that cigerettes don't make me feel bad thru out the day, and at work it actually forces me to get away from my desk and walk around a little outside. I feel like it doesn't make me better except calms some sort of dopamine release? not sure. really wish I could quit, i venture i'll die one way or another tho. plus my bf smokes so t
  6. hey mamma, maybe this is not the right one for you....listen to your body and mind and tell your doctor. you, in fact, are your own best doctor as you know what you r going thru, they don't know exactly how u r feeling, reacting, etc. bb's did the same to me. there are alternatives. not just benzo's u have to find what is right for u. some pots people only do natural supplements! who knows
  7. I have not been diagnosed with MCAS, I asked about it due to my bad reaction to the beta blocker I was described) but my current neuro simply told me that it is very hard to test for and left it at that. So I started zyrtec/claratin and after talking to one of my friends who goes to Mayo, as well as Issie I switched to allegra and pepcid. I actually take one of each in the am and the pm, I read on a MCAS forum that they are supposed to work better in combination. Anyway, I noticed that a lot of the neuropathic issues (tingling feet and hands, buzzing/tinitus) have gone away. I also have ha
  8. What do you mean by "warm up" ? I am confused. Are you talking about body temp?
  9. I just tried oral motherwort for the first time today and my bp hasn't spiked nearly as high as usual since I took it several hours ago. No weird side effects either.
  10. I have hyper form of pots and take up to 2 mg on a bad day when I am having lots of surges and panicky feelings. I automatically take 1 mg every a.m. when I am most symptomatic to help me maintain and able to get ready for work, and then .5 as needed depending. It helps me a lot. I am on no other meds other than odds and ends of vitamins and zyrtec/claratin. Don't know if I have mass cell disorder but I heard several speculations that mass cell disorders and pots are one and the same so the mass cell theory and benzo's make sense to me.
  11. I am interested:) keep me posted on when and where. I know of another person from central phoenix who has been going through hyperpots for years but doesn't really post on forums here but she see's Dr. G as well, I'll let her know as well.
  12. and yes. i have been tested for ms several times, my big sis has it so that seems to be everyones first conclusion, sis is doing better than me right now!
  13. hey yeah, i see dr. saperstein who ALWAYS RETURNS PHONE CALLS and said has a friend with wife with eds pots. i have been tested for catecholamines, (24hr tests) but all my tests including the sweat test and you have to blow into that stupid tube were "unremarkable". but i was not symptomatic those days my eeg came back off and my first neuro told me there was no relation with my unexplained hr bp rainsing eupon standomg which i dont believe. whatever...i am going to start doing yoga again before i have to get on all these other drugs...at least my neuro is actually cool enough to order
  14. AZ Girl, thanks. I do think the stress was a big factor and thats why doc. from the mayo clinic who specializes in diagnosing epiliepsy re-reviewed my eeg and said it wasn't siezures, just brain wave slowing. And, yes, that's the PNA is the neuro office I am going to now and I do like my doc. I did the ans testing which came back "unremarkable" but that was done when I was having a "good" day and the blood flow was normal (don't know if it matters that I was laying flat at the time) as well as the neuropathic testing so that was confusing but based off of all my hr and bp testing and system
  15. AZGirl, Not sure. Had my son 2009, had surgury for mastitis from breastfeeding 3 months later that antibiotics weren't fixing, then went through a s***ton of emotional stress, boyfriend fell off 30 foot lift, and couldn't walk for nearly a year so I had to take care of him and my son and work, plus his mom died that same weekend here at the Scottsdale Mayo Clinic age 60 (no one knew why) went on a diet to lose 20 lbs of babyweight (couldn't stand the weight gain since I have always been slim) But I have had some weird symptoms going back to 2004ish when I was going through a breakup. They w
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