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Woo Hoo


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Soooooooooo, I had seen the Dr. Complaining of fatigue, moodiness and leg pain/cramps. He indicated


lack of 8 hours uninterrupted sleep


menopause (issues in order of greatest effect re fatigue, moodiness)

I saw therapist

got new job with earlier shifts

also new job, much less stress

I must say, I feel better, I rarely need a nap. I don't feel like crying ALL the time. :P I was perhaps like a youngster.

Feeling cranky and like crying when I was tired.

arterial sclerosis suspected (re the leg pain)

arterial Doppler-next week

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I'm really happy you are feeling better Pat!

Now, if I could just find a little bitty job I could actually do, maybe my stress would lessen. The hubs is not getting any overtime, and unfortunately, we sometimes come to depend on transient things.

We just can't think of a single job I can do..but I'm glad you did! :P

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Thanks guys,

I am grateful that I can work, morgan. One realizes that being,even, able to do housework- is a blessing after being unable- for a time.

Also- being 50- my youngest is 11 and I paid less for my home. So I'm lucky in both regards there.

I feel for you.......

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Pat so happy to hear you are feeling better Hugs,Pat

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