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There Is Hope


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Hello Everybody, I am Paige and I use to be on here alot. It has been a very long time since I have been around. I had gotten really down with the dysautonomia symptoms and depressed and just crawled into a whole. But I do want to share something with you all that has happen in the past few months. I think stress has more to do with what brings on my symptoms more than anything else. Just read this. About 2 1/2 months ago I moved away from where I had lived all my life. I moved almost 200 miles away from there. Well I was sick most of my time...rarely having good days....since I have moved I rarely have had bad days. I have had a few but I can probably count on one hand since I have been here. I know my doctor always asked me when I would first see her , how is your stress level? I moved away from all the stress that haunted me........ex family lived in the same block I did.....all of them.....my whole life that was with my ex...freinds and all was around me and turned on me....I had constant reminders of my moms death there tooo....so much horrible stuff....i did have good memories but with out realizing it I think I was living under such attack. Anyway now I feel like a new woman and I am so truly happy and I can be who I really am without walking down the street being talked about or whispered about and I really think it has made a difference. So I don't know the situation you are in but if it a stressful situation that can be calmed down it is worth a try. I am at the point of asking my doctor what she thinks about me going back to work. It has been over 5 years since I have worked. Now I know the dysautonomia brought on alot of stress itself but this is so different. I wake up with energy....I have it all day long. If you have any questions please ask. I am still on medication and the CPap....which I think works amazing but I really think the stress is been my biggest thing.


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stress CAN AND DOES do a lot on the body. I know for me, my family has been going through a lot recently and this has added problems to me feeling/being more symptomatic.

good luck with you and going back to work if you choose to do so! I bet you can do it! take it slow - ease your way into it, start part time and see how you do ....

be blessed.


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