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Am I The Only One


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sweating is under the control of the autonomic nervous system so many with ANS diagnoses have issues with sweating too much or too little. some autonomic testing actually focuses on the body's control of sweating in various capacities.

personally my extremities don't sweat at all other than in extreme situations (i.e. when i have a fever over 104). on a day to day basis, with hot weather, etc only my trunk sweats. i've had testing done showing this odd pattern in me...technically called hypohydrosis (reduced sweating) & or anhydrosis (no sweating). and while not sweating may sound appealing, it's not really a good thing as it can cause major problems with body temperature regulation so i wouldn't recommend it.

i know others on the forum have discussed problems with sweating too much (hyperhydrosis), whether in the middle of the night or in general.

last but not least, though, i do know that sweaty palms aren't an uncommon thing in the general population, so i wouldn't get too worried about it. it may or may not be a part of your ANS issues.

hope this helps,

:) melissa

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my sweatting have never been like my peers.. like in gymclass my teachers always told me i was lazty caus i wasnt sweating..

After starting on gutron i started to sweat sometimes, and palms and feet more often.. I can be coold and my hands are dripping.. i gess whit this thing the body does strange tings, ust the way it is..=)like the hands doing dotted white and reed, and all the other weird stuff..=)

I can say a lot of my body, but its not boring..=)

a good day to u all

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