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Irregular Heartbeats After Eating...


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I know this has been discussed here before, but I'm not sure quite this way. Does anyone get irregular heartbeats right after eating, like within 30 minutes or so? I'm not talking tach or brady, although I've done that, as well, but irregular beats? If so, what do you contribute it to?

I think, even though I've had an ablation--could that have something to do with it?--I need a heart med, as well. What do you all recommend? My biggest problem's irregular beats. According to my last holter, I throw a lot of PVC's, trigeminy and I think some atrial tach.



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I get this. Mostly PVCs. Uncomfortable but otherwise of no significance. It comes and goes. I attribute it to an ?irritable nerve?. I think that is basically how my EP explained it. He said he has patients who are so bothered by benign irregularities after eating that it is disabling and they need meds to control it; for others it is a slight nuisance. He said everyone gets PVCs, PACs, and other benign irregularities, but (for some reason), POTS patients notice them more.

Do you see an EP who can determine whether meds are needed/warranted?

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Thank you for the reply. Yes, I see an electrophysiologist at OSU. I'm scheduled to see him at the end of the month. Today, the beats aren't too bad. I know they get really, really bad when I've waited too long to eat, I'm tired, I just got out of a hot bath, or I'm stressed.


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Yes, this happens to me sometimes. I've noticed that certain foods seem to trigger the irregular beats. Ham, ice cream, milk, and too much sugar are the biggest culprits for me. Sometimes just being upright too soon in the day causes my irregular beats to increase. But I also get PVCs and PACs randomly. I've had a holter monitor, which showed only benign irregularities. So while it is uncomfortable and annoying, it isn't dangerous in any way.

Was your last holter done recently? If it has been a while then you might want to see about having another one just to make sure that everything is okay. The irregular beats are probably benign, but as always, check with your doc to be certain!


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