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Cystoscopy Tomorrow...


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Wish me luck!! I go in to the hospital for 7:30 am and the procedure should start at 9:00. I'll be in the OR under anesthesia for the tests..they'll do a biopsy of my bladder and hydrodistention only if the docotor feels it's needed. I'm looking forward to having this over with! I'll post an update when I can...love to you all! :)

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mmmmm, so much fun...NOT! sorry, i should be more encouraging right? but you know i just love having my privates poked and prodded at.

let us know what you find out....

can you refresh me on why you are needing these procedures and what they are looking for?

hope everything goes smoothly and you are able to post an update soon.

later alligator!!!

love, emily

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wishing you all the best! i've "been there, done that" (cystoscopy, though without the anesthesia) & while i can't say it was enjoyable, it certainly doesn't make my list of the worst procedures/ tests/ medical miscellany i've endured. hopefully you'll be able to say the same...

:) melissa

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Just wanted to check in and let ya'll know everything went fine yesterday. Now I just have to get through taking these antibiotics! The doctor said everything looked good...no lesions, no cancer...and that's about all I remember him saying. I'll call his office on Monday to get the whole scoop. Will give a further update later...thanks so much for all of your support! ;)

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