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Hello from Croatia

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Hello to all my friends! I made it safely to Germany--we stayed in Wurmlingen, just outside of Tuttlinbgen, for 4 days--no internet there--well--no fast life there---just lovely farms, a quiet family hotel, and the roosters that woke us up at daybreak.

We arrived in Zagreb, Hrvatska (Croatia) today--and met some of Teri's family. I've eaten so much in the past five days that all my work on the South Beach Diet is null and void. Oh well, we're having the best time!!

It's been very cool in Europe, about 50-60 degrees, which is perfect for a POTS/NCS girl like me. So far, so good. I sleep lots, but because it's been so nice out, I've managed to be more active than I am at home.

I miss being part of the conversation here, but will rejoin you in just 6 days or so...at which point I'll post a link to picutres. I hope all of you are well...or heading in that direction! Love and hugs,

Nina :blink:

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It sounds like you're really enjoying your trip- thats great! I am glad the weather is agreeable foryou and you've been feleing well. Keep us posted!! We miss ya!!

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Thanks everyone! We just got to our hotel after a HUGE family dinner in the north of Zagreb. Of course, they made lamb--which I don't usually eat, but it was so good that I even had seconds. Like I said, bye-bye to South Beach. When I get home, it will be a "do over." :)

Saturday we drive with relative to an island called Krk (pronouced "kuhrk") which is supposed to be lovely. We're thinking of trying to by property here. Unlike at home, it's CHEAPER by the sea--go figure!!!

My only struggle all week is finding water--but, you all would love the mineral water here. HUGE salt content, so much so that I haven't needed to salt my food. Amazing.

Love and hugs to you all...and hello to all you new folks who don't know who the heck I am yet :)


the intrepid traveling POTS girl

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Guest Julia59


I'm so happy you feel well during your visit there with Terry. It must be so wonderful to enjoy traveling, and be able to eat.

Continue having fun!!

Best wishes to you both for safe travels,

Julie :0)

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