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Need Help-----i Ate Tomato Sauce That Is Possibly Spoiled


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I don't mean to sound paranoid, but I ate some spaghetti sauce tonight that may be spoiled. We ordered out from a near by restaurant tonight, and I always get spaghetti with marinara sauce because I don't want the fat meat brings---or the calories.

It smelled bad, but of course I didin't notice this until after a few bites. So far I don't feel nauseated, but have had to go on the toilet twice. Sorry for the bluntness---- :huh: It might be from nerves though....worrying about what it might do to me.

I'm tired of this torture----worry, worry, worry. I just can't afford to get food poisoning. Just gagging is hard on my unstable neck because everything is so loose from the cranium down. My adams apple is even floppy. The EDS is really affecting my upper spine a lot---in fact my whole spine.

I read about Botulism, and it said this bacteria usually didn't grow on acidic foods---i.e. (tomato sauce), and if it's heated to a certain temperature it kills the bacteria. But I'm worried about what the sour sauce will do to me----------or maybe it was the noodles. Noodles that sat too long. It was very hot today, and god know how hot their kitchen gets.

Today I went to UT medical center to visit my sister in law, as her husband was the only one there with her. They needed a little help understaning what the doctors were saying to them. I went in the peak of the heat today---probably 95 degrees.

The car was in the garage, so it wasn't too hot, and I put the AC on right away. I went to the carry out to get my husband a power aid, and me a gatoraid. My husband was delivering mail near by, as he works for the PO in our neighborhood.

I went directly to the hospital, and parked in handicapped. My condition has been so bad lately, and I struggle with this heat so much that I can only be in it for a minute or two-----amybe a little longer if it's cloudy, or low 80s.

Well today it was so bad that I had to go into the emergency enterence because it was closer, and to get out of the heat quicker.

After I was in the hospital I struggled to keep my balance, and the pain in my neck was so bad I thought I was going to collapse. I was also very weak and had trouble with numb legs. Fortunately her husband and I were able to sit right away, and in her room there was a lounge chair.

Needless to say, when I got home I needed to eat----but didn't need to eat spoiled sauce---- :angry:

God, it's been rough----- :( . Good thing I'm seeing my therapist this week-----I don't know weather I'm coming or going these days.

Sorry for the vent. I feel bad, because my Dad was over, and my son was too. I was so angry when I ate the food---my mood was affecting our visit.

Off---to go feel sorry for myself---- B):)

Maxine :0)--------------------------

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I think that its probably ok, if this resteraunt had been putting out spoiled food i have a feeling they would have been shut down by now. Though there is the chance this was a one time thing, i would lean more toward the side of not.

Alot of times our crazy health can make things smell nasty when really they are fine. I dont know if other people smelt it or not. Also you said how acidic foods dont have bacteria, or something to that degree, i think that is a good sign of leaning more toward no. Also the temperature that it is cooked is going to kill the germs too. If you eat mold/spoiled food usually it will just upset your stomach mildly, unless it is really intense food poisening, and a mild upset stomach, is hard to decifer from our usuall goofy pots, or something else.

I would not worry to much about it, you said you were in the bathroom twoce already tonight, and that could be from many things, the stress of your long day, you already werent feeling well, not eating in a while, eating too much perhaps if you were really hungry, or just pots goofing up, for about the last 2 weeks evernight like clockwork at about 7 I am in the bathroom with an upset stomach, im not sure what its from, but i just chalk it up to goofy pots acting up.

Try not to worry as that will just make you sick like you had said.

I hope everthing turns out fine for you!!!

Good luck! hope your feeling better soon!

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hi juju i just wanted to kind of second what lloppyllamma said about the whole tasting spoil but sint spoil thing..

Uhm I get this alot.. and chalk it up to pots.. b/c one day i can for instance.. pur a glass of milk.. and it will taste spoiled or funky to me.. and i will dump the glass.. only to the next or something pour another glass and its acutally fine..(it took me a long time to relize that it was me not the food or liguid.. or my ans/pots.. causing the food and liquid to taste yucky..

i dont know why it happens but it does..

i know youve been going thru alot.....dont be so hard on yourself girl..or im gonna have to sick gorgeous goerge on you!! and he is so ""RARRRRRRRRRRR"..olol(he's alot like spencer ya know..lol.. a big baby!)

anyhoo be kind to your self.. and pump the fluids in...it ur still yucky tomorrow then call ur pcp.. and call the restaurant you ate from.. did your hubby or son or dad get sick from the food? or did they order something different?

hopefully you didnt eat bad sauce juju.. and its just your pots acting up.. it could be that you pots got in such an uproar from going in the heat that this how your body reacted. to the food..

take care.. and stay the heck inside! or ill put george at your backdoor !!! lol

hugs :)

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Thanks girls,

My Dad and Son ate Pizza. I took a bite of that, but never eat much of it bacause it's not good for me.

My Dad, son, and husband smelled it, and they could smell that it was sour.

The only comfort I guess, is that it's acidic tomato sauce, and it's cooked, so maybe any bacteria has been removed by the hot temperatures.

I'm a tomato addict---------------I love anything tomato, and I want to come up with my own recipe for marinara sauce.

So far not really nauseated, but did have to go you know what a couple times.

Let's pray I don't have a problem----------I just can't deal with that right now-------------I'm a wimp right now..... :)

You take care,


Maxine :0)

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Hi Maxine,

I hope you're feeling better by now. Hopefully the sauce wasn't bad and just had an odd smell to it - things can be sour without being bad, and as you already said if it was heated properly that will reduce the chances of it making you ill.

I find that if I get stressed out about anything my body has me running to the bathroom a couple of times (usually whilst waiting to see my doctor!!). It may be the stress and the POTS that caused you to have to visit the bathroom rather than the sauce. If it is the sauce, then bad food would usually cause you to vomit before giving you diarrhoea, hopefully it has all gone through your system by now and you will start to feel better.

Keep up with the fluids and salt, after your expedition in the heat and bathroom visits you will need to replace your fluids.

All the best,


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DizzyGirl, it's funny you mention the milk spoiling, because I always think that milk tastes spoiled and even smells bad no matter where I have it. Obviously it's not all spoiled but that's how it tastes!

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Was there meat in the sauce? If it was a meatless sauce I wouldn't worry about it.

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Well ----------------------I didn't get terrbibly sick. Just upset stomach, and a couple trips to the bathroom. No vomiting.

I'm so relieved, and thanks for all your advice! It really did scare the you know what out of me--- :)

I'm just not in any position to have a bad reaction to food poisoning.

Thanks for all your kind words and support too--- :P:P

We won't be going to that restaurant again. I usually eat the same things when we eat out. It's always marinara sauce, because I want avoid the fat from meat sauce. When we go to resaurants other then Italian, I always get some kind of salad.

Max and Erma's has a great salad with shaved almonds, grilled chicken, fresh greens, tomatos, colby jack cheese, and a few other tasy things---and a sweet and sour type of dressing.

I like some middle eastern foods, or chinese also. However, I'm pretty picky where we go, as I want to the food to be fresh.

I heard that the acid in the tomato sauces can help avoid production of certain bacterias that can get into food.

I'm a huge tomato fan, and I love this time of year because this is when the garden fresh tomatos come out. You can do all kinds of things with them---------Salsa, tomato sauce, salads, or just sliced with a little seasoned rice vinegar & sugar mixed, and a dash of pepper.

Check out all the neat things about vinegar---- :P


How did I get so carried away ? --------------- :P:)

Maxine :0)

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Well im glad to hear that it turned out ok. Even though you had an upset stomach at leaste you didnt have an extreame reaction.

This is a good time of year for the tomato lovers out there, however i would deffinetly not be one of them! I cant stand tomatoes, i like tomato sauce but not the actual tomatoes! LOL

Hope your feeling ok now!, have a wonderful day!

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Hi Maxine,

I'm glad your tummy has settled. I would still bet that it was a POTS flare not the sauce that upset you so don't write off the restaurant, it would be unusual to get food poisoning without vomiting, also tomato sauce is not the sort of food that usually carries bacteria.

I know that your neck causes a lot of problems and you must have been very concerned about potential food poisoning. Often worry can cause you to have diarrhoea so it might all have been due to an anxious reaction.

Take care,


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