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Hey all,

Well, over the past two years I have had such an awesome PCP -- he has not only helped me with my physical well-being but emotional as well while going through the difficulties of POTS ........He is leaving (he's a resident and is done with family medicine residency) and I never realized how much he has helped me and how grateful I am/was to have him around................

I guess it kind of feels awkward in a way, and sad that many days I feel like I am so fatigued and physically ill that my social life consists more of talking to DOCTORS than it does with talking to friends and family -- seriously, because it seems like I see doctors (and particular this PCP) more than going out and socializing with friends (because by the time I am done with work, I have little energy to go out like most 25 year olds and hang out with friends)...................I guess this really all just hit me, as I laid in bed and LITERALLY CRIED over the fact that my PCP was going to be leaving in a few days.....and thought how awkward it felt that I was crying over my doctor leaving! and how abnormal to me that felt.......I think I had more social contact with him than friends, he was so nice to just let me come in every two-three weeks and vent about pots and anything else and to just simply talk, and NOT just throw me out the door and say "sorry dont know what else to do, good luck" ..........

I guess to me it just feels so strange to be so effected by my PCP leaving because any normal 25 year old wouldnt care so much --- because normal 25 year olds HAVE A LIFE outside a doctors office and generally dont struggle with chronic illness that they probably go about two - three years maybe longer before they have to see a doctor!

....It is just sad (disgraceful feeling in a way) that POTS has put such a huge physical handicap on me that many days it becomes a social handicap as well -- because I'm just too tired to go out after work to have a social life -- so my "norm" has become a social life with my PCP because I see him all the time for follow-up........

anyway, just sad that my PCP's leaving, losing such a good thing is hard to let go of -- I will be surprised if I find a doc as good as the one I'm losing....



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Mine left a few years back and I only recently found a potential replacement--I've only seen her a few times, but felt at least a bit more comfortable than usual b/c she knew what EDS was without me explaining, and also knew what POTS was and has another patient, other than me, who has both too. I cried when my old pcp told me he was moving to W. Va.


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Dear Angela,

I'm sorry you're losing your pcp. :( That must be so hard to lose such a good doctor. I'm already missing my POTS doctor and I was only able to see him for 3 months. To lose one after a couple of years would be tough. It's okay to miss a good doctor. Doctors are a huge part of our lives!

I know what you mean about your social life consisting more of talking to doctors than friends. I talk on the phone to doctors, nurses, and hospital scheduling more than I talk on the phone to my friends! My social life is primarily email, DINET, and talking on the phone with one particular friend every other week.

I'm sorry you aren't able to go out with friends as you'd like. But I must say that I do appreciate having you on the forum. If you were healthy you wouldn't have to be here. For your sake, though, I do wish you could be healthy.

Hang in there and keep on keeping on.



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I know how it is to feel close to a doctor. I love my neurologist I actually have to stop myself from hugging him when I leave an appointment. It's a weird feeling since this is the first doc I have a connection with.

Sorry about the social life but trust me I understand and I know it *****. I really wish things were different for all of us but at least we have eachother.

I hope you find a new doc that your comfortable with.


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