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Had Areally Nasty Spell

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yesterday i was admitted to the hospital for IV fluids...ive been having a rough time.. and thought fluids might help me feel better.

well for wahtever reason when i get fluids it makes me quite tired and i sleep ALOT.. not to mention that my Bp didnt really get higher then about the higher end of 80's over 50' the lower end.. all yestersay,.. and today was about the same thing.. bp wise...

but this mornign whe i woke up i did feel better... despite that my bp was till low.. i ate my breakfast... and with in a few hours i got that incredinly sleepy spell again.. and i slept all day long.. at 4;30 this afternoon the nurse woke me to give me my afternoon meds.. and i ordered dinner... wheni woke up i had a funny headach.. and just ddint feel right..and my bones where starting to hurt a bit.... so iasked for some tylenolol.. now ive never had a problem taking tylenol before...

well less then one hour later..

i was sitting up in bed eating dinner.. and all of a sudden i got t his horrible tightness in my jaw and in my tongue.. my tongue felt like cement. and that tighteness went down into my throat as well.. i also got the feeling inside my mouth that i had bee's stinging the inside of my mouth ..(ie tongue and roof of mouth..) and that feeling quickly spread into my face head and upper chest and upper arms.. i also got instatn flushing attack.. and my vision got extremly blurry... and i could feel a rush of warmth start to travel thru my upper body... I also could feel adreanline just pouring into me.. igot the all to familiar feeling of my insides quivering and jumping about.. and i had the all over quivering thru my entire body...

I got really scared b/c i wasnt sure what triggered this.. and at first i could not move to reach for the call bell...and i couldnt talk either.. i started to panic a bit b/c i wasnt able to breath right eitherand felt like i really was having to work at breathing...iwas able to finally get my arm to move and i hit the call bell.. and reclined the bed back so i wasnt sitting up anymore... and when the nurse came in i was having alot of trouble speaking.. but got the jist of things out...

she told me that i looked feverish.. and asked me if iwas having an allergic reaction to the tylenol... iwas like ???? idk....

i told her i cold feel the adreanline surging thru me.. and i told her that i felt like iw as going to faint and thn i began to cry b/c what was having was scary...i was like this for over an hour..I could feel my blood pressure spiking and literally could feel it dropping...the nurse brought me giant ice bags.. and put one on the back of my neck and the other on my chest b/c iwas red as red could get...and cold washcloth over my eyes and forhead..

iactually am not all otgether sure i ddint pass out b.c iwas feeling so bad.. but after she gave me the ice i fell asleep.. for a few hours and i woke up and my jaw and stuff where not as tight.. but i still felt not right.. but the flushingatack was gone...and my bp went up to 101/60.. the highest it was the entire 2 days i wa there.. and they discharged me to go home b/c there really isnt anything more they could do for me...

the lat time i had bee stinging in my mouth wsa when i began having paralysis spells and that was about 18 months ago's

it scares me that htis is happening again.. and i dont know why or waht is triggering it... just like before when this started we didnt know then and still dont know now what it.. what i am glad about is i finally had a spell in front of medical professionals.. instead of at homne alone..

im really temped to go in cleveland or something its only 2 hours away. and go to an ER there b/c im not really getting anywhere here at home..

tonight just scared me alot...and im unable to move my head in any direction really still w/o feeling like im going to faint.. same thing with sitting up and standing... i feel quite not right in my body tonight and am scared that same thing is going to happen that happened earlier ...im so tired of dealing with this crud...it really ***** the life right out of ya

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So sorry to hear about your bad spell....

Hope you get to feel better :)

I know what you mean about being so scared, I had a spell last night (not as severe as yours) and it scared me so bad that I couldn't get to sleep.

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hiya folks

wanted to pop in really quick.. im feeling quite rung out after yesterday spell... just wanted to let y all know that i got an appointment for wednesday morning to be seen at the cleveland clinic..im very greatfull that they got me in rather quickly.. im hoping for some answers.. or atleast a direction to go in..

will post after i get back from cleveland..

hugs to all


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Good luck for the Cleveland appointment, I hope they have some ideas for you.

I'm just wondering if they were giving you IV fluids if they were taking blood to check your electrolytes regularly? If you are given a lot of IV fluid without potassium in it it can cause your potassium levels to fall which can be a cause of paralysis and cardiac arrhythmias. What you described of your attack does sound unusual for low potassium so the docs need to think of other possible causes, including allergic reactions.

Best wishes,


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Sorry that happened to you Dizzygirl. Those kinds of episodes happen to me all the time and it's no fun at all. I've had to be admitted to the hospital 3 times in the last month to go on IV fluids for a few days. It constently interferes with my life. I hope you feel better soon.



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