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Joint Pain/ Mirgaines

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Anyone have any good ideas to help with joint pain. I am having alot of problems woth joint pain. I am taking 3-4 baths a day just to soak in the tub. I am on pain meds, but don't want to go any higher does.

Also any good ideas to help when mirgaines come on. I hide in the basement, and use ice, I used heat, rice packs.... the bad thing is I end up finding the only thing that I found to break them right now is shots. My nero has me on a med right now buts it now doing anything, so I thought if there anything that has helped you all I could give it a try.

Thanks for any imput! :unsure:

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Have you tried Topamax?? My doc was looking into prescribing that for me, if what I am getting is indeed migraines.


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