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If you're local to the hospital system where Dr. G works, he may order testing, but most patients come with a stack of tests they've already had done. For me, he reviewed my history, asked his own questions, and then managed my meds. I live a long drive away--about 9 to 11 hours depending on traffic. I haven't gone for a follow up for a few years, but until I found a doc here to manage med changes, he did that for me.

As has been mentioned here for a long time, there's almost always a waiting list to become a new patient. You may be able to wait less time if you see his nurse practitioner.


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I am a patient of Dr. Grubb's and he does both testing and managing meds as well as any procedures you may need done such as cardiac cath, ablation, etc. I could not tell from your post if you are already an established patient of his or a new patient. If you are already an established patient, you can get in quick (like within the week) to see his NP, Beverly Karabin. If you are a new patient, you can wait up to 9 mos. or longer to see him. A trick you can do as new patient, is to call every week to see if there is a new patient cancellation appointment available. They will look for you all they way up till your scheduled appointment. I did that and got in sooner. People get sicker or tired of waiting and cancel out. I actually got in 3 mos sooner, so I recommend doing this, and they don't mind!

Good luck and I hope you start feeling better soon.


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im a pt. of dr. grubb.. he has done both for me testing..(that he has available to him to do) and manages my meds....

for my first app in 2003 i actually ddint have to wait long.. i was lucky and got an opening with in a few weeks..this was when he was still doing clinics on friday mornings..he does not do friday clinics any more tho..

But generally to see dr. grubb new patients have to wait about 8-9 months possible longer.. you could get into see bev sooner.. while you wait for an appointment..

even established patients if they want to see dr grubb have to wait months.

You could have you primary treating doc call dr grubb's office and ask to speak with him about your case while you wait for your appointment to come up..and like susan mentioned you can call to see if there are any cancellations as well..

good luck to you!

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