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4 Days Overdue ...


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Just thought I'd check in and ask for you all to send me some strong labor vibes! I've been doing remarkably well and feeling great this pregnancy. Now I just need to get this baby out. The only real issue is the seized-up intestinal motility that I've had on and off since I developed POTS, which I think is holding things up with labor. So off to the drugstore to explore the wonderful world of laxatives and fiber ... and maybe castor oil if I get desperate.

My heart rate and BP have been excellent. I did have a BP elevation for about two weeks that seems to have resolved now that I stopped working. Heart rate is better when pregnant and off drugs than when I'm not pregnant, and I'm carrying an extra 38 pounds and a whole lot of fluid. So the fluid must help.

I'll post ASAP after the baby is born. If nothing happens naturally, I'll be induced Sat.


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hi amy!

glad to hear from you! i've been thinking about you and was wondering how you and the baby are doing.

i am sending you my very best thoughts and hope that everything will go smoothly. for me my second delivery was just one big present (first born by ceasarian, second a normal delivery without any medical interveniance (sp??)).

it can be comforting for you to already know how it goes (although the second can be much different of course!!).

warm wishes and take care!

corina :D

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O my! I'm so excited for you :D This is a wonderful time...the most nervous time of your life maybe...but it's so wonderful expecting a long awaited loved one....a baby! Hehe.

Ok....ummm...yeah, the laxitives... Lol. The baby laxitives are usually effective and MUCH more gentle than the adult ones. There's one that just contains sugar water...I think it's the most gentle. But, did you try prune juice?

Here's a secret for induction....my friend was like a week overdue.... her OB/GYN told her that the "natural" way to induce labor is to have full intercourse. She said it worked. Also, stimulating the nipples by rubbing will produce oxytocin, that leads to contractions also (this is why oxy nose sprays are used to check baby's response to contractions, in cases where the womb is suspected of being --what's the word--- where it's not providing enough nutrients to the baby anymore due to the woman's age or the lateness, being overdue, etc.....they induce gently with the spray or the rubbing....and then see the baby's hr reaction). Good idea to get the baby out soon...because the lining does start to decay.

Good luck with your labor and delivery! I'm sure it will go well, and we'll be getting great news soon! :wub:

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Amy, I've been thinking of you--thinking the baby MUST be here by now! I am sending you easy labor vibes :D . I hope you can go into labor naturally--but you'll be fine no matter what. Glad it has all gone so well. Wow, it is inspiring and gives hope to those of us who are concerned about pregnancy and POTS.

Best wishes!


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I was definitely thinking you must be due any minute now! So, I was right that my 'timer' was going off! My mom always says to me, "You were five days late and you've been late for everything since then!" :)

So, let's hope you will go into labor ASAP as you are hoping...using whatever things to 'push' it along as you want! Laxatives, sex, spicy foods, lots of walking around, etc. etc.

I hope you won't have to induce...just for your sake as I know that can make the labor tougher...

Can't wait to hear the news! And I hope that the wellness you feel during pregnancy will continue. Maybe you can keep on some of that weight you've put on! :) That would help in your case, right?

We need a picture of you prego on Faces! :)



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amy thinking of you! so glad to hear that things are going well that is fantastic!! cant wait to her of you baby being born.. do you know waht you are having?

or are you going to be surprised? lol :) :) :):)

thinking of you,, have you hubby take you for drive donw a bumpy country road.. maybe the baby will not like it and decdie to come out!



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