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Is Anyone Feeling Extra Lightheaded Lately?


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I've been feeling extra dizzy over the past few days. Normally threre is some kind of explanation for my dizziness - stress or my period. This time there doesn't really seem to be any reason. I am wondering if it's the rain or the change in weather, since it finally seems to be warming up here in the northeast. Is anyone else feeling it?


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Im right there with you Rita! I am in PA.. and for the past few weeks i have been unbelievably dizzy! and im not exactly sure what is triggering it myself.. its not my period or an extra illness to deal with..

Im going with its the change in seasons? Now that the trees and posies are about to bloom into acting.. maybe that is why.. I am you probly other too have slipped into the spinning tunnel of dizzyness..

hope that you feel better soon rita!

good to see you on here by the way :huh:

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I'm in MN but the change in seaseon, ie., sun up earlier with long bright sunny days and warmer days is making me much more lightheaded and nauseas. Also could be that my daughter rises with the sun and my sleeping pattern has been non-existant, so maybe not just the change of season but the changes of routine it causes? But I hear ya, it's not fun!

- Tammy

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I'm experiencing severe lightheadedness. Although my POTS is up and down, it's rare for me to have such a huge increase in symptoms... and when I do, I can point to a specific cause. I'm hoping it's the change in season. I know that in the past I've felt really lightheaded right before a thunderstorm.

Part of it may also be that I went from 1/4 pill atenolol in Dec to 1 pill in Jan. Although this is a ow dose, I think it's more than I need and lowering my BP...although I have been on this dose for 4 months now. Unfortunately, I won't be able to try reducing it for another few weeks.

Hopefully whatever it is will calm down soon because I'm supposed to hop on a plane next Friday...midodrine is helping some...keeping my fingers crossed...

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