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Buggirl Is Back


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Hello everyone, I just got home from Mexico, the Yucatan penninsula area, not far from Tulum. My patio was a bug haven at night (um, also a bat haven, but that's another topic :().

I'm not sure the names of the bugs I've gotten in my photos, but they were all really cool looking. I'll give you size specs for each one, as a few of the photos are very close up and make the bugs look larger than they are...and then there are two bugs that were GI-NORMOUS (giant-enormous)...

This one was about an inch by an inch and really cool looking


This next one was similar in size to the one above (1 inch x 1 inch), but the coloration was different, more yellow than orange


Then there was this one with clear dots on it's wings, a little wider, about 1.5 inch by 1 inch long-two views here



Okay, these two are very similar but if you look at their feet, they're definitely different--one has the black bushy feet and white dots on it's body, and the other has black and yellow feet and white stripes on it's body--again about 1.5in x 1in.



Okay, these next two were the big boys/girls of the Yucatan...the Katydid (oblong katydid) was HUGE. At least 4 inches long and 2 inches wide at the widest part. And the moth is definitely in the "sphinx" group, but I'm not yet sure on the exact taxonomy--my best guess after looking at literally hundreds of research photos is: Typhon sphinx... but that's still up for debate. I have an email into my bugman resource. My next best guess is a type of mournful sphinx, but I can't find one quite that matches. He/she was about 3 inches long in the body and I'm unable to say how wide with wings extended, but it's about 3 inches to 4 inches in it's resting state...my guess is a 6 inch span open winged.



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Did the bugs bite or sting? The top ones look like bees/wasps..

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No, no, no...no biting or stinging. All of the bugs were non-harmful. First, look at the ends of the bodies...no stingers. Also, the heads are not shaped like the biting types of flying bugs. None of the bugs are anything to be afraid of, although I'll admit that the moth looks a bit prehistoric, doesn't it? At first I was nervous to get close up to it, but it's just a moth, so I knew it was just a harmless being.

My best guess is that all of these are tropical types of bee flies, which look like bees and wasps ...and this helps protect them from some predators who confuse them for real bees/wasps. It also explains the clear wings--which happen in several different groups of insects, not just flies, wasps, and bees. There are clearwinged moths and butterflies too, as well as some "true bugs" that have clear wings.


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i was thinking how to say something nice about the "bug" photos, but eventhough the colours are beautiful they rally scare me!! the parrot photos are the ones i LOVE. i would love to have one on my shoulder!!! well, of to mexico that means???!!!

hope you and teri enjoyed your stay,

corina :)

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The bird's owner said he likes to be held like a baby and rocked, so he asked us to do that and the bird was happy as heck! We really had a lovely time--I have other photos and videos that were professionally taken and we paid for from a place where we went ziplining, biking, and snorkelling in cenotes (underground lakes and streams, usually in caves that are open or partially open ...but some are closed and only accessible by scuba and I'm not THAT brave).

I may post some more if I can spend some time sorting through the ones that are nice enough and don't show too much of me... :)


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