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Hi guys, I hate to complain again,but I know you are the only people who really understand.

This doc. was recommened by my neurosurgeon,because he supposed to treat POTS??? First he says"you don't have POTS", He gave me about 1 minute to stand and says "you do not exhibit signs of POTS" also "nausea is not a symptom of POTS".

He had me change into a gown and never even listened to my heart, no exam at all. He finally read my test results from Dr Fouad, and says I cannot treat extreme cases of POTS. I left crying, shaking and extremely disheartened.

Thanks again for listening, a very sad Pat

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I am so sorry pat for such an awful experience. just reading your post broke my heart. i would have reacted the same as you.........

i am surprised a neurosurgeon recommended him to you for treating POTS when it really seems like he didnt have much a clue about POTS by just checking your vitals only after a minute of standing.........did he take your pulse while standing? what "signs" of pots was he looking for?? HA, i'm sorry, but if he doesnt think nausea is part of POTS he TRUTHFULLY doesnt have a clue about pots/pots symptoms..........

so sorry for your terrible experience. .......I hope you find an EP doc that is more knowledgeable than this doc you just saw....

he said 'i cannot treat extreme cases of pots' ??? did he even bother to ask you what meds you are on? what meds you have tried?? he didnt even offer any suggestions to you?

so sorry pat for such a rough and fruitless docs appt..... :)(

be uplifted though, there are docs out there that can help you.........just gotta search a little...

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So sorry Pat...but nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to visits to doctors. I fear that POTS is the new fibromyalgia and will stigmatized as such, by ignorant doctors that suddenly jump from their real profession to psychiatry in a single bound.

Blow him off as a bad day and money wasted and push on. There are good docs out there, they just seem few and far between anymore. I probably would have asked him if he treated anything besides his ego... to frequent petting......but then I am not very tolerant of dumbarses any more.......sorryforyoumorgan

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I saw a cardiologist last year, they could be twins.

Never listened to my heart or lungs.

Said I don't know anything about POTS, "I declare ignorance."

What a waste of $400.00. All he was concerned about was my

elevated cholestrol.

I was furious when I left. I have learned to just be as condesending to

them as they are to me.

I have alot more luck with an internist.


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i went to electrophs in dec. did a tilt test. took bp laying down and then stood me up. after 20 min of synptoms but did not faint he called it a neg tilt test. he did do blood test, or take me off meds prior. i agree, write it off. i think we know more here on diagnosing than they do.

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hi pat,

every time we are going to see a (new) doctor our hopes (and expectations) are so high. all we want is a doctor to understand and help us. as you (and lots of us)have found out, we can get VERY disappointed. sometimes it is because of a lack of knowledge, other times they are just not interested or they say that it is all in our head.

i am sorry that you've had this bad experience. maybe you could have a look at this site in the section where there are names and addresses of doctors who are treating dysautonomia (can't remember the name of the section, sorry :( ). i hope one of them is in your area and able to work with you.

take care,

corina :P

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Pat, Hearing your story makes me want to scream! Dr. Fouad knows POTS so why would he even question that you have POTS? If you are any meds you may not exhibit all the symptoms that lead to your diagnosis. Did Fouad have a referral for you? If you've been t cleveland clinic could you see Dr. Grubb? One of main reasons I flew across the country to see him was that he was able to refer me back to a local EP who would work witrh him. I never would have found her without him. One of the first things she said to me was "I belive your symptoms ar real"...I knew I was in the right place!

Of course this has meant paying out of network for all my treatment but no more of the frustrating visits as you've described. Don't give up!

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I'm so sorry Pat-----------------------that is just sooooo wrong.

This guy was so rude to you.........................

How does he know you don't have POTS?! He sounds awful full of himself to be so confident to know you don't have POTS just by having you stand one minute. And nausea is a symptom of POTS. Lots of people have nausea with ANS dysfunction.

Then he has you change into a gown-----then no examination----


I hope you can find decent Doc who can help you.


Maxine :0)

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