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New here. I have finally been diagnosed with POTS. Only took 15 years but hey better late than never. I am from Melbourne Australia and when I was about 15 I had a mild dose of glandular fever where the colour never returned to my face.

I look pale and sick/clammy white all the time. I feel the cold badly specially in my feet/legs. I have a little foot heater that i have burnt my legs literally on big red marks. I get tired/wear out so easily for years I thought i had CFS but all tests came up negative. I have been having afternoon naps since forever. Sensitive to medications if the label on the packet says 'May cause drowsiness' well that normally means sleepy time for me! Had 3 miscarriages til finally had my son 5 years ago now. Last 3 years the symptoms have peeked. The heat definately makes it worse. I was in a choir 2 years ago for xmas carols where i feinted for the first time so now have given that up.

Now that I know what to avoid I know the familiar uncomfortable feeling after standing still for about 5 mins i feel the need to move to correct myself. I can handle that and deal with it. Its just the fatigue its ruled my life and so sick of it. So after TTT been given florinef so about to start on that today and see what happens.

I am very proud to have held down a job now for 5 weeks. Its perfect i'm stitting down all day on the phone all day but as long as i'm not on my feet all day. I find it tiring after a few days when i get a day off I try to rest as much as i can to build up my strength.

Anyways nice to meet you all and I'm enjoying the wealth of information on these forums.


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Hi, welcome to the forum. I've had a lot of help and advice from other members - we all help each other out. Sorry to hear that you have got POTS but at least now you know what's up you can start learning how to adapt and try to minimize your symptoms.

Glad to hear that you've got a new job - hope it continues to go well for you. Have you voted in the "job" poll that cardiactec has started?


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welcome! sorry you have reason to be here but glad you found us.

<_< melissa

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G'day Julia,

Nice to see another Aussie here, I live in Adelaide. I joined this forum just a couple of weeks ago & have found lots of good info. I've also found it really nice to meet people who understand how I feel. I hope you find the forum useful & get the advice you want.


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