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Cold And Blue, Anyone?


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i can't eat at all but in the past never had that issue. my feet are often blue/purple though, and always if they are not propped up.

theoretically though what you're describing - to some degree - seems possible if circulation/blood flow issues already exist as more blood has to assist in digestion.

B) melissa

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I am being tested right now for a cogaltion disorder (sp?) My hands and feet are always Ice cold in fact my LLMD it having my do testing as he things I had a blood disorder as to how clod there are. In the am when I get up my figernail and most of my hole foot will be purple.

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I do not experience this but in my GP website they talk alot abouy hr's and stuff upon eating and they call it "dumping syndrome" I don't know if the hands and feet turn purple, by try looking it up on line and see if it has anything to do with what your feeling.

I just thought I'd suggest it but too tired to resesrch it to see if it fits.

Good Luck


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Yep, this happens to me too. Today after lunch, as a matter of fact. I was shaking cold and my finger nail beds were dark purple. Weird. Not sure what it is. It doesn't always happen...


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