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Crazy Blood Pressure


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Guest tearose

Glad to hear you have felt a little better since Saturday Tessa.

I think I feel tired at 80/60 and below that is when it gets hard to stand straight up.

How did you feel? Sometimes the number fact are not as important as how we are feeling. I know some things may seem impossible but in us, we can manage things others can't. I can walk at 140 bpm and others are running at that rate. I can stand and walk at 70/50 others are on the floor.

I only know when I am as low as 60/40 is when I can no longer manage and need medical intervention. I don't go there!

keep feeling better.


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That is a bit low. But, I have measured as low as 80/50 in the doctor's office--and felt fine. As tearose said, it is partly a question of how you feel. Some of us can tolerate lower bp than can others. I would only be concerned about it if it was making you feel badly. There are certainly meds and other things you can do to raise low bp if needed.


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speaking of blood pressure....before this episode that seems to not want to go away I had normal blood pressure aroung

100/60. when i had the episode out of the blue and went to emergency room.... :lol::( I have crazy blood pressure when i try

to stand it rises to 134/95.....when the TTT that is the reason he wouldn't diagnose me with pots... Does this happen to anyone

else with pots and is it possible to have pots and blood pressure rise not fall????? :unsure: Lisa

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I've often had a bp of 80/60 or 80/50, but at that point I am stuck in bed completely unable to get out. Generally I feel best when my bp is 120/70, but it is rarely that high anymore. Once a nurse took my bp (I was lying down) and she said, "Well, you're blood pressure is 80 over I don't know what. Normally I'm having to revive people at this point, but you're talking to me, so I guess you're okay." We had a good laugh. It's amazing what stress our bodies face with dysautonomia, yet we make it out alive!

Everyone's normal bp is different. I have a friend who is very healthy, but her bp is always about 80/50. The best indicator for you, Tessa, is probably how you're feeling, not the numbers on a reading. But if you know that you're bp is usually higher than 80/60 it might be a good idea to take it easy for a while until your reading is higher again.

Lisa, I do believe there are some people here with blood pressures that rise instead of fall. You might find some information if you do a search. Otherwise, you could start a new topic and maybe get some more answers. Wish I could help you more. Good luck!


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