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Nausea/trouble Focusing Eyes

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Having Nausea and dizzyness. I know lots of you have posted about this but it feels good just to tell other people about it anyway, huh? Never had this symptom before but I did notice this past weekend all my symptoms were rougher than usual. Anyway, my nausea has been all day today along with the feeling someone is pushing my head around, with lots of dizzyness. It's actually a bit similar to morning sickness which makes me want to run screaming down the street because, I sincerely hope it is not morning sickness. I have seen all these posts that other people experience nausea like this so I'm hoping it's "only POTS ", LOL.


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Hi, Bri:

I never thought I'd see myself say this, but... here's hoping it's only POTS! ;)

The nausea can be so miserable as can the dizziness. I usually get my really bad bouts of nausea in the middle of the night - great for sleeping and feeling decent the next day!

I hope you get over these symptoms and feel better really soon. Lots of rest and hugs to you!


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Hi, it was weird to see your post up because I have been having the dizziness/nausea feeling all afternoon...It stinks, to say the least! Does anyone have anything that helps themk feel better during these "episodes?" I am on Midodrine but it doesn't seem to help these things!


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