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Sever Dry Eye


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I was wondering if anybody else out there got severe dry eye at a young age. About 1.5 year ago I started getting all kinds of wierd eye problems (before a bunch of other stuff started) dry eye, eye strain, photophobia, high interocular eye pressure. I'm 35, my neuro-opthamologist said I have the dry eyes of a 75 year old.

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Don't know about dry eyes. I have visual disturbance stuff and light and motion sensitivity (can induce siezures). I've been having problems w/my eyes recently. I wonder if it's related to dry eyes? It's itchy and looks yellow. I saw an eye doctor here (probably not a very good one), without telling him about my other medical problems, POTS, etc. He said I have allergies, and the "yellow" is blood in the whites. ??? It tears when I read sometimes.

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i definitely have dry eyes, as well as dry lots of other things. i'm 27. secretions are in part related to ANS functioning which is the explanation i've been given. i don't have any issues with eye pressure, though i do have an abnormal proliferation of vessels in my eyes, likely related to their dryness.

you're not alone with the dry eyes issue though.

:( melissa

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My eyes are so dry, they finally cauterized my tear ducts shut, so my tears would hopefully help. My numbers are borderline.

Your best bet is to use drops without preservatives. I get pitting on my corneas and man the regular drops are like putting acid in them. The single use don't tend to burn, although they are more expensive.

I haven't found anything that helps much, including the cauterization.....

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Count me in on dry eyes since about 35 also, at the peak of my POTS experience. I have plugs in my bottom two tear ducts and that did me well until this fall when the heat came on. Suddenly, I'm LOTS worse. As others have stated, I also have a very dry mouth, which EVERYBODY should be warned about - I have easily spent $20,000 on crowns and bridges, lost teeth, etc. to the dry mouth syndrome.

However, in my case, I have been going through menopause, which is probably why I'm worse.

Here's a GREAT site for dry eyes - www.dryeyezone.com. They have their own medium thickness brand of drops that are often on sale, with a preservative that is harmless (at least to me and others), and a great discussion forum. You can get lots of questions answers and meet some great people there. Be sure and check it out.

I can't afford Restatis, as my insurance doesn't cover prescriptions. Does anybody have any experience with closing all FOUR tear ducts? Might be cheaper for me.

Good luck,


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