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Can You Have Bad Pots And Do Ebay


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Ok..I THINK some have mentioned having ebay businesses from home with POTS.

A friend of mine has a shirt business (Shirts made up for schools or sells Professional Team jerseys)

He wants to set up on ebay and just sell items he has in stock. I have known him 10 years and he says I could probably learn to do this.

How complicated is this folks?

How tough to set up a site? Or could he have somebody set it up for us and I could just run it?

I don't understand paypal and the shipping deal.

His store would take things to the post office to ship and he claims I could log in from home computer.

Since he would have just a few items..can I just do this an hour a day or check a few times a day to see if there are items ordered? He wants to build slow as his retail store does well with local business but wants to branch out. Could this be a good opportunity?

I am desperate to make money but my friend is not versed in running ebay himself but a friend has done it for him a couple times. This same ebay friend made $1900 selling car parts last week..so there is a market for everything on ebay.

Any feedback or any good sites to go to read about this are appreciated.

Like what happens if your website goes down? do you lose orders?

Is there a phone number to call a HUMAN at ebay if the site has problems! :unsure:

Do you have to do this 7 days a week or just 5?

Does it work with Firefox? I no longer use Internet Explorer.


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Yes,to some extent, depending on what aspects of the business you'd be responsible for... but it is still work no matter how you slice it. If all you do is the listing you could do it sitting, if you had to take the pictures and do shipping it will take more of an upright position and some time on your feet.

The biggest thing is that listing on ebay can be a bit of a mental drain to be on the computer for hours at a time so if these activities cause mental fatigue and confusion then that's something to consider. PM me with specific questions, I have lots of experience with ebay.

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I also found it too taxing--and like Lois said, it's not rocket science, and you will certainly learn from your mistakes. Paypal has tutorials on nearly every step of the process as does ebay--under their eBay university section. Both also have online help available, and eBay has mentoring via their forums.


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Sounds like you already have lots of help, but I do ebay too so if you need any more - send me a PM and we'll talk. I sell art, but have also sold personal things. I actually have two ebay ID"s !! It really is easy and Paypal makes it easier... but I do find myself having to be very careful with my orders. I can get confused easily and if I'm not careful, I can package the wrong item or write my listing wrong. But you could easily set your auctions up so that you only had to check in 5 days a week. However, if you set a store, it'll have to be 7 days a week.

Good luck!


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Thanks all.


It will not be MY SITE but helping out a friend...and I will just take care of the orders as his store has NO time to check the computer during the day. HE WILL make shipments to the store.

So hopefully we will start out slowly. THEN if it proves I can handle it, I may try think about being more creative to sell stuff. Might PM you later.

Thanks to those who have responded.


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