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Hi, my name's Liz, and I'm from Scotland. Just recently joined the Forum, finding it very supportive and informative. At present I am OK I lost a day off work yesterday because my BP was sooooooo low, could'nt even get in a shower, need to invest in a chair!! Speak to you all soon.

Liz B x

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Hello Liz and from one Scot to another ' welcome ' :lol:

I see you get very low blood pressure, well join the club mine is always nearly in my boots which is why I see stars all the time , or may be its flies around my head and I need to wash more :(:huh:

Hope you haven't got to much snow up there , we have none down here in Devon ( boarder of Devon/Cornwall) which is a shame and I do miss the wonderful weather/countryside and mountains.

My hubby is an ex mountaineer and he's climbed just about every mountain in Scotland , now retired he's photographing them instead.

Hope your pots isn't giving you to much trouble, bye for now , so nice to have another UK pots online .

Love AMI ( willows)

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Hi there yes it is good to have a fellow Scot online, and thanks also to all for welcoming me be on board.

Well. my POTS are fine today, just as well, I received a telephone call at 10:30am this morning informing me that my daughter, the baby of the famly, had collapsed outside her home, with her two children. I was like "supergirl" I spun round in the living room and the next thing I knew I was up outside my girls home. She is OK it turned out she had tripped while running for a bus, maybe now she will learn to drive!! She was taken to hospital and treated for suspected broken arm and is a bit battered and bruised, but she is home and thank God her and my two granddaughter are fine.

This was a big change, as it is usually me who is wiped out and taken away in an ambulance when we are out shopping, but at least she is washed and dressed, I looked like a mad women with my hair all over the place and as we all know a symptom of POTS is pale palor, well I looked like a Ghost!!

but nevertheless, I coped and I am still feeling fine.

Lizb xx

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