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Sore Throat..


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Hey guys..this is probably a really juvinille question but can we use cough drops and throat losenges? The main ingredient is menthol...that should be alright...right?

I'm half asleep right now with a really sore throat and don't know what I can use to help it...no hard candy in the house...going to try tea.

Thanks for any input :)

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i don't know if there are people really sensitive to that type of thing, but I've never had problems with cough drops. My favorite are Ricola herbal drops. Yummy!!! (you can get them sugar free, too.)

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I've never had a problem with cough drops of any kind--and I've used all different kinds--menthol, extra strength, sugar free, all natural, etc. I actually prefer the menthol b/c it helps my sinuses drain. I also like to use the nose strips that help the passages stay open and drain...


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I know this sounds gross, but another thing that helps me when I'm sick is a saline spray. I'm pretty sensitive to meds too, but this is safe. I use my son's "little noses" saline spray. You can spray it into your nose, or drip it in if you want a lot of salt water to run through. It helps to clean the gunk out and shortens the length of a cold.

If you are really daring, you can try a Neti Pot. You just fill it with warm salt water, pour the water in one side of your nose and let it drain out the other side. It sounds so gross, but it gets the germs out before the cold gets bad. It works best if you use it when you first feel a cold coming on. If you're brave, here's the link for a Neti Pot! http://www.internatural-alternative-health...i-Pot-Wash2.cfm


P.S. I'm not brave! That's why I use my one year old son's "little noses" spray! But my husband always uses the Neti Pot and it works amazingly well for him.

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Rachel! Sinus rinses are my mom's new favorite thing....I know they seem gross but they are good.

Also, the sprays really 'clear things out' if you spray with your head tilted and then blow and blow! Gross!

Wareagle....just checking in on you to see if you are still feeling like pooh???? I hope not.

Chickensoupmorgan had it right---chicken soup is Jewish Penicillan (ummm, morgan are you taking any hints from this?????)


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