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Leaving To Go To Llmd


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Well I am off to an LLMD. I am worried that this end in a dead end, but I also worry this is it. Does that make any since at all? I just don't want to get my hope that theres going to be a treatment that is finally going to help. ........ ok I was just worried. So we are leaving this afternoon. The LLMD is 300 miles away, so I hope I do ok on the drive down, but we did get a hotel for a few days as we did not know how i would do, plus it like a vaction for our son as the hotel has a pool! Funny how that all kids need, the are so carefree to be that way again will be get. Well I will be back hopfully on Saturday with hopfully a treatment plan!

Have a great rest of the week!

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Thank you for keeping my in you thoughts. I the done side of the PICC is that I can not get it wet. :) But I would not be up in moinvg at all with out the fluids so I will take it any way I can get it. I will enjoy getting to see my son have fun! :(

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I hope I am not too late with this post...

I hope the LLMD will be what you are hoping for. You asked me what to expect, what my appt was like.

In a nutshell:

My appt was over three hours long, mostly focused on my history of EXPOSURE to ticks (might want to think about this before you go, b/c I was unprepared--like where you've lived, exposure to horses, etc, etc).

Also, we discussed my current symptoms and he did a physical exam--a bit different than just typical one, as he was looking for certain markers in hearing, balance, tender points, etc. He took a history of medical diagnoses, tests, etc. so far.

He also did EXTENSIVE blood work. This is a huge key along with a very detailed clinical history. He sent my bloodwork to three separate labs for lyme workups, as well as did an incredible amount of bloodwork to rule out ANY conditions that could be mimicing the lyme.

Careful and Thorough.

He would not tell me his thoughts on whether or not I might have Lyme until the bloodwork came back.

Hope this helps....and that the LLMD is a good one. It is so hard to travel so far and not know!

Report back when you can.


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