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Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo?


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for those who get this kind of vertigo, do you have any idea what causes it and why do you get episodes repeatedly in one day and then the next day or days after nothing? and do you also get ear pain and pressure since i have this with the vertigo, but it comes and go and i have no idea what triggers it, thanks for any info, and meds help it?


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The Brandt Daroff exercises 2/3 down this page helped me a lot. My autonomic doc dx me with this..the exercises made me sicker first and almost vomit..but I got used to them and they really helped. I do not have this nearly as much anymore.

Also it was worse around my period (isn't everything?) I had a partial hyst two months ago but two days ago, had a brief moments during the day of literally falling into the walls in the hallway and the 'floor was on the diagonal' and BRIEF vertigo.....but thankfully it passed...used to last a long time.

Ask your doc if these exercise can help. Low salt and diuretics can help but usually worsen our OI...so, it's a catch 22.

good luck

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There are many causes. Think that what your eyes see and your balance centers in your brain feel must agree with each other, or you feel spinny or rocky. So new glasses or an eye muscle imbalance, brain/brainstem dysfunction from injury or circulation disturbance, even body mis-reporting to brain from anything from gait/foot problem to neck/whiplash/chiari to middle ear infection or fluid problem -- any of these may be the cause or play a part.

I have known people to get well from balancing electrolytes, or getting new glasses, or healing from a whiplash or allergies, or doing balance exercises, etc.

You have to try to figure out what the problem is for you. It is as much a unique situation as POTS.

Best wishes.


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I forgot to mention, sometimes benadryl type meds can help.

BUT They can be vary drying and affect our O.I. problems...its another catch 22 case...but if you are really dizzy and nauseated, benadryl can help.

I keep a bottle of the generic stuff in my house. Just the antihistamine plan kind. That way I can just take a teaspoon and see how it hits me an hour or so later. Just drink lots of water or gatorade with it as it's drying.

There are other meds but my swiss cheese brain can't remember.

Good luck and keep us posted on how you cope.


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I find mine usually stem from allergies. It just hits out of the blue and I can have it for several hours then it will usually clear up. It may return over the next few days or it may be months until the next attack. I think everything just swells up and nothing can move through and the nerves in the ears get disturbed and send the mixed signals.

I have taken antivert for it, but it makes me sleepy and I can't take it while driving or working. So I take zyrtec and a little bit of sudafed liquid decongestant(bitty bit) and wait it out. Sometimes if I feel one might be coming on I pop a zyrtec then and can avoid a full blown episode. Plenty of water because the zyrtec and decongestant dry you out.

I know a woman who takes vertigoheel. It is an rx and she says it helps her immensly.

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