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Seeing Double And Blurred Vision


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Guest tearose

hmmm...the vodka you drank last night? too many hot toddys? :huh:

Actually, this is one of those annoying symptoms I get when I am fatigued or fighting a fever. Are you coming down with a virus or are you over tired...even with the eight hours of sleep you may be sleep deprived.

Get yourself hydrated and rest more this weekend if you can. If you aren't clear of sight by monday go to the opthamologist.

My neuro-opthamologist explained this symptom to be a passing complication of low blood pressure. I hope that it is the same for you.

best regards,


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I have this somedays, unexplained at this point, but I kept thinking i had a eye infection and used some meds i had here, although it cleared it up it came back and i like u feel tired in blahhh in the morning, i hate it, hard to make urself get out of bed. Although my eyes are red and look like i have been on a 2 day drunk, i havent and this is new to me as well. I tend to be on here sometimes and all of the sudden it scares me cause the words all of the sudden are just looking weird and i have headaches as well, which some say could be my florinef. Wish i could help but i think even an opth. could help cause sometimes some meds we are on if u look further into the side effects, will sometimes say report blurred vision!! So i may do that if i were u

Good luck


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Hi Persephone,

I often get blurred vision. Sometimes it is just annoying. And sometimes it will be so extreme that I can't read. It has never been to the point of seeing double, though. The blurry vision will last anywhere from a day to a week. Then everything goes back to "normal." I think it is just one of those crazy POTS symptoms.

Hope it goes away for you soon.


P.S. Once I did have blurry vision due to meds, so if you're taking any new medication you might want to check the side effects.

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Hi Persephone,

I hope you are feeling better.

I often get blurred vision. Almost every day when I get up and also during the day. I noticed it is worse when I feel tired, hungry or thirsty. I usually recover after a while. Sometimes quicker than others.

It is also extreme to the point of being unable to read if the text is close. I try to put it further (but sometimes I cannot read at all). Then it goes back to "normal".

First I thought I was starting having problems with my eyes, but then when I noticed that it goes and comes, I understood it had to be related with POTS.

You cannot have problems to read if you are able to read a text you have not been able an hour before. You should have been unable to read it before and after... :huh:

With regard to seeing double, I have not experienced it yet.


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I almost always have the blurred vision when I get up in the AM. It usually lasts for about an hour then I am fine. It is quite annoying though..Sometimes if my BP is shabby I get the vision probs at night as well...Always good to check in with your doc though, to be sure that is what's causing your problem! :huh:


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