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In talking with my doctor about my jump in heartrate and BP when standing, I asked him if it could be happening because of blood pooling in my legs when I stand...and if that could be part of the purpleness in my feet and legs, which is worse when upright. He said he didn't think it could be blood pooling because if that were happening it would cause my blood vessels in my legs to leak....causing swelling from fluid and signs of bleeding under the skin. Does that sound right? Does this happen with pooling?

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Guest tearose

I do have pooling. I do get swelling and sometimes a mottled look on my skin. I am usually in compression hose so I don't notice much anymore. I never have had blood leaking...gosh, that is a horrid thought!

feel better, tearose

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The blood in my legs pools whenever I am sitting or standing. It even pools some when I have compression stockings on. And it often causes my legs to be a bit purple. But I don't have spider veins, nor do my blood vessels leak. And I only have a little swelling. I have heard that after time (many many years of blood pooling) that the blood vessels might start to leak. And my doctor told me that I might get varicose veins in the future, but that no one can really say for sure if the blood pooling causes varicose veins or not.

Anyway, all that to say, I think the doctor was wrong about blood not pooling in your legs. I'd get a second opinion.

Good luck,


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So it's possible to have pooling in your legs, without chronic swelling and such? I don't know for sure if my legs pool but it sure feels like it. I can feel pressure in them at times when i stand. They are more purpley when standing or sitting with legs down. They feel better and I myself feel better when my legs are pretty level with the rest of me.

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Hi, Lavender:

I think so, yes. My legs have no significant swelling during blood pooling. They've even been measured by one of my doctors (how humiliating! :) ). However, I was diagnosed with POTS based on TTT results and symptoms in the upright position, including blood pooling, by a leading researcher in the field at Harvard University.

My legs when standing or sitting (with feet on the floor) look a heck of a lot like the picture in this study The Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS): Pathophysiology, Diagnosis & Management on the top of page 5 of 16 of the actual file/numbered page 88.

This is the picture and associated text:


"One of the more striking physical features in the postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is the

gross change in dependent skin color that can occur with standing. The panel shows the legs of 2

people who have been standing for 5 minutes, a healthy control subject (left) and a patient with

POTS (right). The patient with POTS (right) has significant dark red mottling of her legs

extending up to the knees while standing, while the control subject does not have a similar


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Yes, we are one big family: The Purple People.

I think its true that most of us don't see this on a regular basis because we would either have medical stockings on or be on the floor at that point. It is quite comical for me, because when I was really sick and undiagnosed I saw my purple legs peeking out from under my capri pants* and thought "oh great! not only am I trying to get ready for this thing being nauseated and dizzy, but now my legs are blotchy and I'm such a disaster package!"

Well, nothings changed but at least I know that I'm not in control of my legs!

*don't laugh, this was 2003 when they were all the rage and I looked FIERCE in them.

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my legs look the same as the purple ones in the picture (that is when i'm not wearing my compression hose). once i had been showering (standing, no hot water) and when i started dressing (while seated) i put one leg up. i noticed that the leg put up got it's normal color again and the leg downwards remained purple :)

corina :)

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update. I talked to my other doctor the other day and he said I for sure have pooling. He said since I am young I can have pooling without chronic edema and leaky capillaries. He said that happens more in older people, where their blood vessels are older and worn out, making thier legs swollen and brownish. It was helpful that he seemed to agree with what I am thinging.

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