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I thought we were done with all this, but no, another Dr. told Chrissy today that she must be very depressed. Why? you ask--because she wouldn't be taking Cymbalta if she wasn't AND it wouldn't be helping her with her fatigue if she wasn't really depressed!! HUH?

And to think, all this knowledge from an ENT Dr.! He said, 'you know, I've had POTS patients b/f, in fact, i had one this morning (yea, right) and SHE'S depressed and on Cymbalta.' AND........what is wrong with this people. He looked at Chrissy with such sadness, as if she was in a deep denial! He asked me about her state of mind and I told him she's one of the happiest people I know. Again, that look 'you poor things--you're both in denial!!!' He went on to say that b/c of her depression her sinus' get stuffy. WHAT!! Can't any of these Dr.'s just admit they don't know all the answers and they can't figure out what is wrong instead of making up such stupidity!

I'm not by any means making light of depression ( i have it myself) I just can't understand why these Dr.'s keep bringing it up for no reason.

Tomorrow, another appt. with a sinus specialist, suppossedly one of the best around here (the one we saw today is pretty highly regarded too though). Hopefully tomorrow's Dr. will have some real answers.

Just thought I'd post this to add a little humor to your day!


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I am sorry you have to deal with such idiots..we all see them at one time or another. I went to an ENT MENIERE's SPECIALIST that claimed to have Dr. Grubbs book..yada, yada...he cross examined me to see how and when I was dx with Dysautonomia as it was "so rare, and very, very complicated to treat" (Duh, tell me about it) He ran all these tests, scared the hello out of me, and then when I returned for follow up visit, thought I could benefit by seeing a neurologist - psychiatrist !?

He said this because I FOOLISHLY listed one of my meds as Zoloft as needed ..which was another rant..."as needed, does you doctor know this??? yes, I have seen him 8 years. Then he said "what about this DDAVP???? I explained that was a hormone to help my body retain water....so he went from being sympathetic about my dizzieness and dysautonomia, to saying I am "overly sensitive and could benefit from major brain chemistry re-arranging."

I never went back. This guy is written up locally and nationally being ONE OF THE GREATEST.

Well, i wanted so badly to send him the following message.

But did not. <_<


P.S. A friend of mine's husband went to see this doctor for some dizzieness issues. He had the same terrible tests I had (forget the names but one where they flush your ears with hot and cold water...he was so sick he had to lie in his work van 2 hrs before he could drive him home. ENT couldn't be sure WHAT was wrong since "tests were all normal." Told him to drink less Mountain Dew!? <_<

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patty and chrissy, i am very very sorry about this doctors appointment. these docs don't understand that these kind of conversations MAKE people depressed. they should understand that we are seeing them for HELP not for being lectured. and most of all: we PAY them to help us.

hope todays appointment will be better. good luck to both of you!

corina <_<

oh and sophia, you always make me laugh with your funny pictures!!! i will write this one down so that in case i need it, i can THINK it!!! thanks again!!!

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Well, at least we had better luck today. This doc was fabulous. Said Chrissy's eye pain and burning COULD be associated with her sinus', since her deviated septum is so bad!. He actually LISTENED about EVERY little symptom Chrissy told him, and not once did he say anything about her being depressed--(yea!,) nothing about any of the symptoms NOT being related to sinus' and didn't pretend to be an expert on POTS! He's going to look over her CAT scan (which wasn't delivered yet) and then make a decision on what the next step should be. He actually said 'there's no reason for you to be living like this. Being congested all the time AND having sinus pain isn't normal! No kidding--it only took us I don't know how many Dr.'s for someone to believe her symptoms. It's almost like starting all over again trying to find a POTS dx.

Morgan, I think I will send him a cymbalta brochure--that's a great idea and maybe I'll tape sophia's message to the front of it!! :lol:

Thanks guys.


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