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Hi everyone-

I'm fairly new to this forum and I have all kinds of symptoms that come and go and I'm wondering if anyone else is like me...take a look and let me know...

Feeling cold a lot

exhaustion that just "hits" out of nowhere

shaky legs

eyes that don't track well


prickles in chest, arms, and legs (like having the chills all the time)

Thanks for your input!


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Hi there and welcome to the forum. I think you'll find many of us have similar symptoms as you are describing. Some of us also have overlapping conditions like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, which can also cause similar symptoms. It's sometimes hard to determine which symptoms are caused by which condition when you have more than one! :)

Have you been officially dx'd yet?

Hope you find meds or natural treatments that work for you.



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Those are also a few of my common symptoms and some. All these strange sensations/symptoms that seem to come and go throughout the day are not fun to deal with but are very real and a part of Dysautonomia.

- Tammy

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