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Skin Overly Sensitive To Touch


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I was wondering if sensitive skin is common for POTS patients.

My skin is always extra sensitive now. But when I'm having a really bad day my skin is so sensitive that it is hard to function! It makes hugs uncomfortable. I get really jumpy from just a hand put on my shoulder. It is even irritating to touch my arm with my own hand! And if I try to sleep and the sheets move just a tiny bit on my legs it wakes me up!

Does anyone else have this happen???


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i get this...i dont know what causes it .. only that ive had it forever.. and it flares.. and i usually run a fever.. and am in pain..

i too cant not stand the clothing or sheets or blankets rubbing on my skin.. a sheet is too much pressure..even my hair roots will hurt..

alot of sleep and it eventually goes away.. hope that you feel better!

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