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Missed Period On Proamatine


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It's been a long time since I read or posted...I've been traveling, then fall final exams and papers, etc. I'm visiting my parents' in Virginia (for anyone who remembers my father-related references, yes, things have changed a lot, for the better! ;).

Well...my point: I missed my period (like 9 days overdue). This should have been my first menses since starting ProAmatine (midodrine), and I'm suspecting the meds. No, I'm not pregnant. Really, no way. I THINK! :0 ....no, like by the time I miss my menses, I'm already puking my guts out, usually, and I feel perfectly fine, POTSy but fine.

Did this happen to anyone else on medications for POTS? My doctor and his nurses have never heard of this particular side effect.

Thanks all!

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