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Hello Everyone


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Hi everyone. :)

I am new and wanted to introduce myself.

First of all, I would like to thank both, Dinet?s President and MightyMouse for helping me when I was unable to post. I really appreciate your help and patience these days. I am here, thanks to you!

I have been reading your posts already for a while and read the website, experiences, symtoms, etc.

Many will understand what I mean when saying that I came across this website and POTS without ever having an idea of what was happening exactly to my health.

I hope you don?t mind if I make a summary of my "history":

I have always been a weak child, ill many times. I cannot remember when I started fainting but the first time I remember, I think I was 6 years old. I had been standing for long and was in the bathroom. My parents seemed to be worried but, in fact, they never talked with a doctor about it and the second and third time it happened, they just avoided what seemed to trigger the faintings... When I was older, (around 6 years later) the faintings returned, but this time not at home. My teachers were extremely worried and my parents took me to our GP. He had no idea of what it could be and asked me to avoid being in small and warm spaces... After this, I had one different symptom after another, but ... Who could think they were connected? I just lived with it... What else could I do?

After this, I have always tried to know what was going on with my health but went from one physician to another...

A few years ago, things got worse (abdominal pain, headache, sensitivity to light and noise, nausea and vomits, weight loss...) and I was admitted into the Hospital for about 20 days. At the Hospital I got all kind of fluids and medications and recovered. I underwent a wide range of tests, but with no result.

I have had other pre-syncopes, but never thought they could be important.

Later, the diagnosis was: Microscopic Colitis.

A long time of no hungry at all followed to this period until I was diagnosed with Intolerance to gluten and casein. It was not until I started the Gluten and Casein free diet that I started feeling better and recovered my appetite.

And then something went wrong (or we were finally aware of the real symptoms)

People had been smoking at work and I started feeling breathlessness and chest discomfort. A few days later, it was real chest pain and we had to run to the Emergency Room.

They had no idea... But it took me a few months to recover... By that time, my GP thought I could feel better if I took INYESPRIN (a kind of aspirin) and Omeprazole and it was true.

I am taking it since then (for over a year now) and cannot stop it. If I stop with it, symptoms get worse and start all over again, but even with INYESPRIN I am not able to follow a "normal" life.

Let?s talk about some symptoms:

Unable to carry out the housework, cannot take a bathe without feeling exhausted, cannot keep standing for too long, cannot exercise at all, cannot walk up the stairs, tachycardia, Lightheadedness, Dizziness (most of the times), palpitations, Chest discomfort and/or pain ... Well, too many to summarize without boring you.

Two days ago I had a blood test done and had a pre-syncope, felt dizzy, lightheaded and with tachycardia. I was also feeling exhausted, unable to keep my eyes open because feeling so tired... They obliged me to lay down for a while to recover and when feeling better (around 10 minutes later), I went back to work.

An hour later I started feeling really sick: cold hands and feet, light headedness, frequent urination (well, I was very thirsty and I think I drank almost 1 l. of water in a short time), increased heart rate, chest discomfort, hyperventilation, weakness, dizziness... I was scared. It took around 3 or 4 hours to feel better and the rest of the day to fully recover.

I?ve always had reactions to blood tests but never so strong...

Ok. I am starting to be boring... This is too long for being my first post.

B) But I am sure you know how it is being frustrated, feeling ill so many times and disabled for many "normal" things...

Thank you for reading my post. Thank you for your time and attention.

To end, I will tell you I am trying to find a physician who knows about POTS where I live, cause my GP told me that ortostatic disfunction means feeling dizzy when getting up and that it is nothing to worry about... ;)

If anyone knows a good POTS physician in the South of Spain (on the Costa del Sol), please, please, tell me. I would me most grateful,

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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welcome to the forum. you will find that many here know exactly what you mean. i too have every symptom you have listed but i have only had problems for 2 years now. just know that you are not alone and this is a place you can always come to if you have any questions or just need to vent. take care of yourself and i wish you only the "good days".

dionna B)

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Hi and welcome,

Don't worry about the length of your post.....we all understand. That's what we are hear for. B)

I also have your symptoms except for the fainting. I have been close, but haven't that I know of.

I understand your frustrations. Hang in there. ;)

Take care and best wishes,


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Hello Tessa ,and welcome to the best site on the net :lol:

Its hard when you first get symptoms of pots and no one can help you , your doctors think its a bug or some sort of 'change ' your body's going through at the time, we've all been there and been told all sorts of strange things about are condition, but when you actually get a real diagnosis it is for most of us 'such a great relief and its like having a great weight lifted , just to know '

I've been helped, supported and generally listened to on this site so much , and just having others who dont think because your vision goes blurred or your hands go blue ............that your nuts ;):)

Welcome once again and I hope to speak to you more later . Willows............such a crazy woman !!! B)

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Hi again :ph34r:

Dionna. - Thank you for your support and the "good days" wish.

MighthyMouse.- Here I am! Posting. Thank you for your help, Nina.

Amber.- I have no faintings for years but other symptoms got worse... Thank you for your comprehension.

Ernie.- Thanks for your kind words.

Willows.- Oh, yes. Having a diagnosis would be great, not to know what I have (because I already know), but at least to get an appropriated treatment. I hope to read you more... Thank you for your answer.

And for all of you (readers and writers), thank you for your support, welcome words and help.

I?ll try to do my best sharing my experiences with all,



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