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Off topic--update on my friend's baby

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Hello Everyone.

I wanted to let you know that the baby has a name! Kelly... a nice Irish name :)

Kelly's stable today. I saw her pictures today...and some video too. She's SO tiny. 11 and 3/4 inches now--about the size of the nurse's hand. She has very long slender legs--and big feet for such a tiny girl!

Mommy will likely be discharged tomorrow afternoon.

Please continue to keep little Kelly in your thoughts--her parents are exceptionally appreciative of your positive energies. Daddy got welled up tonight when I told him how many people are sending wonderful thoughts his daughter's way.

Love and hugs to you all. :D Nina

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Tha's great that she finally has a name :) Kelly and her parents are still in my thoughts. I am sure this is an intensely emotional time for the family, and I hope she comes through with flying colors. I know you'll keep us updated!!

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I will be sending whatever positive energy I have to Kelly and her family. Thanks for the update Nina. I hope you are feeling well also. You are a great friend to a lot of people.


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Thanks guys.

Dan, I'm doing okay. I think all my intense emotions of the past week are operating on me. Dizzy couple of days for me and still having impossibly slow guts (don't worry, Teri wont let me get into trouble). I'm still procrastinating with going to the gastro doc. Maybe next week when work is done. I can't think about it right now...I'm not in crisis mode. Hope you're having better days.

Nina :)

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Stephanie is still in the hospital. She developed an infection and is on IV antibiotics. They're hoping that they can switch her to oral meds tomorrow and discharge her, but the fever needs to stay gone.

Kelly is critical but stable. The best we could all hope for at present. I talked on the phone with Stephanie and she said that all your good thoughts are appreciated.

Nina :rolleyes:

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