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Doctor Put Me On Cymbalta

john redman

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Hi John..If you'll look at DINET's main page under the "what helps" section you will find that SSRI's are listed as a potential tx. for dysautonomia. You may also want to do a search of this forum for "cymbalta" as it has been discussed before.

Is there a reason your doc. prescribed this med? I only ask b/c I thought you were still seeking a dx.? I any case..I hope it helps you to feel better!

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Hi John,

I tried Cymbalta when it first came out. It didn't work for me, lots of tummy pain.

My neurologist said if you have the hyperadrengeric type of POTS a serotonin reuptake without the norepinephrine reuptake SSRI is a better choice. Celexa is working pretty well for me.

Although today is just a bad symptom day period.

Did he prescribe it for neuropathy associated with diabetes?


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